• Volvo V40

Volvo V40 – a compact class car produced by the Swedish company Volvo in the Netherlands in the factory NedCar (a joint venture between Volvo and Mitsubishi) from December 1995 to 2004. The second generation of the vehicle was called the Volvo V50, V40 and the third again.

Auto debuted with the twin sedan called the Volvo S40 in the spring of 1995. Both models were based on the Mitsubishi Carisma.

At the turn of 1999 and 2000, the car has undergone faceliftingowi. Has changed, inter alia, the front car – wider and longer bumpers "obrysówki" (side position lights), while the back gently changed the appearance of lamps and flaps. Inside the car was installed a new center console. In addition to stylistic changes, was increased wheelbase and Volvo engineers have decided to strengthen the suspension. Additionally, introduced new diesel engines, common-rail, coming from Renault. Copies of "poliftingowe" are equipped with greater hope airbags (up to eight). Subsequent rejuvenation S/V40 series made in 2002 (model year 2003). This is apparent from the outside by changing the grill, in the middle by changing the steering wheel on the new model of three-arm, and a counter. In 2004, the last year of production, was not available for sale the most powerful two-liter turbocharged T4 petrol engine with a power of 200hp. Another time also has been little change suspension of the car.

Note: engines 102hp and 116hp, differing only in the turbine. Engine 102hp has a constant, a 116hp variable geometry turbine blades.

All diesel engines and gearboxes from them are combined production of Renault.

V40 (and S40 twin) was the first car that received a score of 4 stars in Euro-NCAP tests.