• Volvo S70/V70

Volvo S70 – car produced by the Swedish automotive company Volvo in the years 1997-2000. S70 model was available as a sedan, while the V70 model was available as a station wagon; Both cars represent a new style. Successor to the S70 is a Volvo S60, which is slightly smaller than its predecessor.

There were five equipment variants: Base, SE, GL, GLT, and T5. Body has new headlight lenses and mask in a different shape. The new interior include dual front and side airbags.

Along with a vintage 2000 modified airbags action to reduce the risk of head injuries and chest in the event of an accident. Base equipment versions S70 received a new five-speed automatic transmission. Engine version V70 R AWD was marked by the power of 261hp.

The basic unit of a petrol engine with a capacity of five-cylinder 2.0-liter 126hp. GLT version had a turbocharged version of the same engine, so its power increased to 190hp (141 kW). The T5 mounted turbocharged petrol engines with a capacity of 2.3L with a capacity of 236hp (175 kW). In addition to this there was still a turbodiesel 2.5 TDI Audi A6 comes with 140hp and 290NM, having a good dynamics and slight burning. The base version of the S70 T5 and you could order a manual gearbox with five ratios, GL and GLT versions were only available with automatic transmissions. All models were equipped with disc brakes with ABS. GLT version was available all-wheel drive (AWD).

The table describes the specification ™ model 2000.