• Volvo Duett

The Duett was simply the familiar version of the Volvo PV and Volvo was introduced June 4, 1953.

After you have made available to body shops and outfitters chassis only version of its new sedan introduced in 1947, the Swedish carmaker decided to produce their own version of this, the time is not yet widespread, and in subsequent years will be designed to bring to Volvo world.

Even the name chosen, Duett, he wanted to remind the public of the opportunity to use the vehicle in its dual function as a means to work with a possibility of more load than the traditional sedan, but without losing the possibility of the use of a classic car.

Of the PV Duett kept the front, the interior and the front suspension, while the rear suspension instead of leaf.

During his career he had the initials of PV445 (derived from the PV444) and P210 (derived from the PV544). The two versions followed developments in aesthetic and engines of which were derived from PV.

She left the production on February 11, 1969 almost four years after the sedan from which it was born, and was replaced by the Volvo 145 Express that was in production now for a couple of years and that, in turn, derived from the Volvo 144 sedan.

Among the peculiarities of the Duet there was to be used for a long time as the main model chosen for conversion to EPA-traktor, a particular type of vehicle derived from the fusion between a tractor and a pick-up, developed in Sweden during the twentieth century.