• Volvo C30

Volvo C30 – the smallest of the Swedish car brand Volvo Car Corporation produced in the years 2006 to 2012 at the factory in Belgium. Auto made its debut at the International Motor Show in Detroit in 2006. Half a year later, in Paris, the Volvo C30 has been shown in the serial version. The prototype vehicle was Volvo SCC presented in 2001.

In 2010, the car undergoes facelift. Stylization, among others, front fascia of the vehicle, applied the new headlights and grill.

Body line is characterized by a deep ribbed fit muscular appearance of the silhouette of the car. In addition to the stylistic innovations, especially in the rear (tailgate is fully glazed), one can detect elements in common with the larger models of this brand. Front end is identical to the model S40/V50. This is due to the fact that the base plate is the same. Is used a floor plate P1, it is based on the Ford Focus (second generation) and Mazda 3 (with minor changes).

The interior is also very similar to the larger Volvo models. We are dealing with the so-called. floating center console.

Volvo C30 as one of the first cars uses a patented system to protect against the effects of side impact (SIPS) and the reduced risk of whiplash injuries (WHIPS). As the first compact car segment, the C30 has an emergency brake light (EBL), seen as a flashing brake lights during emergency braking. ABS is standard as well as six airbags. Also a system IDIS (Intelligent Driver Information System), which monitors the speed of the car, steering wheel angle. The computer determines whether the driver is busy driving fast and dynamic and depending on delays or does not display messages less relevant for safety (they will appear when the driver reduce speed or stop auto). Patented front end consists of three types of steel in order to better redistribute the energy during the collision, the rear portion has controlled crumple zone, and the entire passenger compartment was designed as a rigid "cage".

Most units feature C30 can be found, inter alia, systems included under the heading "Security", and dual-zone automatic air conditioning, cruise control, auto-dimming rearview mirror, leather upholstery, 6 or 8 airbags, six-speaker audio system.

Volvo working on a version of the hybrid (diesel-electric). The research was conducted at the California resort development company. The prototype with the working title "ReCharge" was shown at the September fair "Auto Show" in Frankfurt in 2007.

Provides two types of internal combustion engines: the mix of ethanol-gasoline (so-called flex-fuel) or diesel drive unit similar to that used by General Motors E-Flex in the Chevrolet Volt. The car had to be driven solely by an electric motor with lithium-ion batteries, the internal combustion engine to recharge the batteries had only. Estimated driving range on batteries only be had around 100km, the recharge time from the household electricity is about three hours.