• Volvo Amazon

Volvo Amazon – Swedish car brand Volvo introduced to the market in 1957; it was a limousine for a middle-class family. Amazon model, referred to later as a series of 120 produced in various versions until 1970. Including founded 667 323 copies (234 209 sedans, 359 917 73 196 coupe and wagon), of which 60% were exported. The name meant in English Amazon – a woman-warrior from Greek mythology.

Body four-door sedan, two-door coupe and five-door station wagon-ups with sheet steel with extensive corrosion protection. Since 1961, new electrical system with rated voltage of 12 V Sedan: length 4400 mm, width 1620 mm, height 1505 mm.

Front: Independent suspension control arms and coil springs triangular. Rear axle rigid front engine set in the axis of the vehicle, rear wheel drive.

Subsequent versions of the car were determined B 16, B 18, B 20, rounded numbers mean displacement (begin to 1580 cm3) four-cylinder engine krótkoskokowego, row, górnozaworowego, water-cooled. One or two carburetors. Increase the cylinder capacity of the next version of the engine achieved by increasing the stroke of the piston, keeping the nominal diameter of the cylinder (80 mm) in all versions.

Gearbox 3-speed initially, then 4-speed, on request or automatic with overdrive. The main gearbox depending on the version of 4.1:1 or 4,56:1.

’66 Amazon comb

Amazon ’67 sedan

Volvo 121 Cup – tyÅ‚ nadwozia

Volvo 122 Cup – tyÅ‚ nadwozia