• Volvo 850

Volvo 850 – car, with bodywork sedan or station wagon, manufactured by the Swedish company Volvo.

Production of the 850 started in 1991 as a sedan, with the engine 2.5 170hp. In 1993, he presented a station wagon. For 1994 model year car were minor design changes. Most noticeable was the change in the appearance of the headlamps. Instead of large rectangles similar to the models 740 and 940 used a more slender shape of the headlights. In time, introduced new versions of motor (see box). Version 850 T5 engine received a 2.3 liter turbo 225hp, 240, and 250 (R version). The exception was the Italian market, where tax reasons (high cost of insurance) offered T5 with the 2.0 Turbo 211hp. Automatic transmission can be ordered with more powerful engines (above 2.0). At the end of production in 1996 appeared R5 diesel engine with direct injection with a capacity of 2.5 140hp. Like R6 2.4 diesel unit used in the models 740/940, this engine also come from Volkswagen concern, but the popularity achieved only after upgrading to the 1997 model year. changed include front fascia, rear lamps in the saloon, dashboard, door panels. Along with the facelift has changed name. Since 1997, the models were called S70 sedan and V70 wagon. S70/V70 models based on the 850 was produced until 2000, when there was a premiere of brand new models Volvo S60 and V70.