• Volvo 480

Volvo 480 – a car with a body type hatchback produced in the years 1986 to 1995 by the Swedish company Volvo in the Netherlands. The vehicle had uncommon common body type "shooting brake". Offered only as a three-door hatchback, was characterized by a form of between liftbackiem a combo. Volvo’s marketing department while the mention of the 480-ce as a coupe. It was established 76 375 copies of the vehicle.

The vehicle was the first model of the Swedish company with front-wheel drive. Suspension of the car has been designed by an English company Lotus. The front of the car mounted McPherson strut, rear beam associated to a Watt rods and Panhard rod. Petrol engines cars were created in collaboration with Renault and tweaked by experts from Porsche.

The car is the only model in the history of the brand Volvo has lifted the original headlights. Long front and pronounced lateral line has added the dynamic nature of the truck and is very similar to the Honda Civic. The car was used Volvo info-center – a small computer showing the burning of gasoline and oil temperature range.

In 1990, while living in Geneva presents the convertible variant of the 480 that worked since 1987. Model of the body, unfortunately, did not hit mass production due to the very strict requirements of the Swedish manufacturer of safety. In 1992, the car undergoes minor stylistic changes.

Equipment versions:

The vehicle is equipped with, among others, in highlighting a key hole and a system of lights that illuminate the way home that works when it is dark after a long blink lights, ABS, traction control, Volvo info-center, electric windows and mirrors, central locking, air conditioning, heated seats.