• Volvo 340/360

Volvo 340 – Volvo produced in the period from 1975 to 1991. Mounted petrol engines in this model include: 2.0 (109hp), 2.0 (110hp), 1.4 (69hp), 2.0 (112hp), 1.4 (68hp) and diesel 1.6 Diesel (54hp).

Front and rear part of the vehicle is equipped with crumple zones, while maintaining passenger compartment in the form of a stiffened cabin. Additional strengthening is achieved by the placement of the stiffening beam in the door as a massive tube.

Rear drive + box in the back gives great weight distribution between the axles, so the 300 series has a very good traction. Rear wheel drive is not tugging at a rapid traction.

For 16 years produced a total of 1 139 689 of these cars.