• Volvo 240/260


Volvo 240 – Swedish car brand Volvo Car Corporation launched in 1974. Was a car designed for the average Swede, meeting the requirements of the local market and climate. Manufactured to May 14, 1993. Built on the model 140 A total of 2 862 573 units.

Body samonoĹ> ne of sheet steel, protected depending> you from vintage and factory… plating layer of zinc or cadmium.

In parallel with the 240 version was produced a more luxurious version of the 260

Front: Independent suspension control arms and coil springs triangular. Rigid rear axle with longitudinal wishbones, front engine set in the axis of the vehicle, rear wheel drive.

Gasoline engines with marking B19 (4-cylinder, 2 L), B21 (4-cylinder, 2.1 L), B200 (4-cylinder, 2.0 L) B23 B230 (4-cylinder, 2.3 L), B27 (6 cylinders, 2.7 L). D24 diesel engine (6-cylinder inline 2.4 liters, with a capacity of 82hp) powered the Volvo D6 240 and came from the Volkswagen LT van. This is available from the 1979 version was the first car with a six-cylinder diesel engine.

Transmission 4-speed initially, then 5-speed, depending on the vintage overdrive switched electrically or manually.

Volvo 240 sedan

Volvo 240 comb