• Volkswagen Vento

Volkswagen Jetta (VW Jetta briefly) Series compact class cars manufactured by Volkswagen AG since 1979, b hanging on version sedan car Volkswagen Golf. In Europe, two generations occur Serious serves as the Vento and the Bora. In North America all generations wears a small indication of the Jetta.

The first Jetta will up a automobile market in September 1979. Offered her with two or four-door body.

The essential for differences the front part of the car in relation to the Golf to a small rectangular headlights (which are standing up element characteristic also for the following pnych generation) and turn built on the corner nikach. In 1981, production started this model in Puebla, Mexico, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group AG Volkswagen de Mexico.

Applied engines: four-cylinder, boy chilled liquid, Roller by Head, placed transversely in front.

Drug generation, opart on the Golf II, produced in 1984, 1992. Bodywork be about the same as the previous two-or four-door. In Europe, the finish czono sale in 1991.

Model passed modernization in 1988. The car is still sold in China under the name FAW Volkswagen Jetta (this is a version of the 1998 with new front; zrestylizowana in March 2004, the month of October 2005 and January 2010.).

The American Jetta II for the European version was a modified. In addition to the lights marker around vehicle (description deployment as Vento zt rose nothing, sideview orange to owb otniku, and not in the bumper) in variations embraced s include: glued windshield, the third stop on the back glass, other clocks, more elaborate dashboard, virtually any can laugh and air conditioning and cruise control. Fundamentals the drive is large engine capacity of more 1.3 dm ³ and a maximum power of 55hp. In addition, the unit offered 1.6 dm ³, 1.8 dm ³ and 1.6 dm ³ diesel Jetta GT holds a 1.8 dm ³ and the engine with fuel injection with maximum power of 112hp.

Used engines and versions (for ’89): four-cylinder, boy chilled liquid, Roller (s) by Head, placed transversely in front.

Volkswagen Vento debuted in 1992. Year burn it introduced it to the market an American under the name Jetta. Occur Serious only as a 4-door saloon. Auto design is based on plate under resting VW A03.

Topped and Body Volkswagen Jetta III is different up a only slightly since the Vento details such as wider, more hanging on the bumpers matched to the profile b goldsmith, and the lights obrysowymi (located on the sides of the front bumper) and the lack of blinkers in the front b otnikach. Tail lamp shines on well on the side (red), and closer front orange located by a small bumper here at the wheel. Front strokes strewn the indicator lamp shade and shine s on orange (bulb dwuwk window motion, 21W and 5W on the blinker on the outline). The headlamps’s Major not be for lights parking.

Co-factor in air resistance of the vehicle stood 0.32.

Volkswagen Bora/Jetta IV debuted in 1998, a year after the debut of the Golf IV. Auto for the first time in addition to the sedan occur Serious about the combo.

Bora become an limousine, that was a better outfitted than the Golf. Mover is a small engine 1.4 dm ³ (only sedan 75hp), 1.6 dm ³ (101hp), 1.8 dm ³ (125hp), 2.0 dm ³ (115hp), 2.3 dm ³ VR5 (150hp), 2.8 dm ³ VR6 (204hp) and diesel engines 1.9 dm ³ (68-150hp). Versions with engines of 1.8, 2.3, and most powerful diesel can be to be having ordered equally of the drive dem a four wheel a Version VR6 laugh and go as standard. In Germany, the production finish czono spring 2005. Model is still produced in China since 2007 after a large modernization as the City Jetta.

Volkswagen Jetta V was presented in January 2005 at a car dealership in Los Angeles.

The vehicle was Built on a plate for resting Golf V front end of the vehicle make chews to the Golf V, but you for the Passat B6 (exception is the version intended for the American, where the rear lights make uses small for the Golf V).

In America, a car equipped with rosy to R5 petrol engine of 2.5 dm ³ with a maximum power of 150hp or diesel 1.9 dm ³ with a maximum power of 100hp. In Europe debut next fist autumn the same year. The South African model is called in the basic version Bora II, while in the “richer” versions of the traditional names Jetta V. In China, the model is sold at the same time With no previous Jett/Bor (Which is named there after a facelift City Jetta), therefore is called there Sagitar.

The standard vehicle equipment located to in, among others, 6 airbags, traction control, ABS. Depending knifes you from the market standard equipment up embraced with such a small air conditioning and ESP.

On top of, the drive Large statue of a vein engines:

The new Jetta is a lot of the more prestigious the words of the Golf, has improved the equipment of basic and more sophisticated detail exterior, which resembles her to about classes you EDUCATION Passat.

Volkswagen Jetta VI was presented in New York June 17, 2010. Front face is almost small the same as in other small group of new models. You in turn make chews the Audi A4. Auto based on a modified platform of the current Golf VI.

During the Motor Show Los Angeles Auto Show 2012 was presented a hybrid version. Burn Months Average of 4.1 liters per 100km car accessories is located in the unit 1.4 l TSI with 150hp, which is working with a small 20-hp electric motor whole set of wed ug producer generates peak power at a level of approximately 170hp. The electric motor has been mounted in between the engine and the 7-Gears box DSG, too Battery power trades placed under a floor privacy them.

During the automotive trade fair in New York in April 2014 was presented version after face-lift. Added include chrome accents and refreshed it back lamp. For a list of equipment down the standard were added, among others, Blind Spot Detection system monitor months blind spot, Rear Traffic Alert, which helps you avoid collision at an exit d Ania you jam a parking space and Front Assist warn months prior to the collision vehicle located embracing up front, and the equipment poses an optional added Bi-xenon headlights with function to illuminate a turn Tow and LED lights and rear. By the way, improved aerodynamics body and modified structures body at an angle of immunity at the time of the collision, and introduced a new diesel engine with a capacity of 2.0 l TDI those with 150hp.

Standard accessories-up vehicle includes ABS with ESP, ESR and electric window winder and electric control mirrors. Optional vehicle equipped angry you can include in light alloy wheels and cruise control.