• Volkswagen Type 4

Volkswagen Type 4 car middle class produced by a German companies Volkswagen in 1968 1974 shield. Available as 2 – and 4-door fastback and a 3-door station wagon. To drive Du u Used against B4 engine capacity of more 1.7 or 1.8 liters. Power transmitted to on a about the back by 4-Gears manual b d Gears 3 automatic box gear. The car was replace divisions by the model Passat B1. The resulting small two generations of Type 4, 411 (1968 72) and 412 (1972 74). Through six years of production was formed about 728 copies 367a Type 4

The car was designed by a team of under the leadership of Heinrich Nordhoff, the debut of cases at an International Motor Show in Paris in the month of October 1968. Cars series 411 to small largest land the Volkswagen models, offered were so small its larges engines the design of the body bra a share Carozzeria Pininfarina. This model is characteristic of contemporary Volkswagens scheme, positioned behind the axle the back boy-type air cooled engine boxer nap she spend months wheels and the rear and distribution arrangement weight, front/rear equal to 45%/55%.

To is the first 4-door sedan Volkswagen, guild up self-supporting bodywork A coaster front suspension with spring liquids rubowymi and MacPherson struts, rear suspension based on the control arms and hands totaling box transmission with a hydraulically controlled clutches background. The battery that under the driver seat (the seat of a passenger in versions for countries with left-hand drive). The model uses a standard whole-side windows – no vents, which allows taking in travel without intersection circles, metallic paint without tributaries at, radial tires, lecture lining under resting, watch, electric rear window heating, ventilation system interior and thermostatically controlled arrangement of additional heating.

At the start of production, the model 411 propelled by engine with a capacity of 1679 cm ³ those fed the two branches of curb. In 1969 he was introduced to electronic arrangement of injection Bosch D-Jetronic, maximum power rose from 69 to 81hp. The same arrangement of injection used in the Porsche 914 which will go For the production of a well in 1969. In the European market version of the injection wear and the additional designation ‘E’ (from Einspritzung). Single round headlights that replace the vertical double.

In August of 1972 introduced next Pc, Model 412 upgraded body designed Brooks Stevens. Added halogen light fog, changed so small-looking front belt and headlight rims. In 1974, increased capacity jumps 1798 cm ³ engine, returned with the two branches of lovers in the uk board power supply, the names version changed to 412LE 412LS.