• Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan sports car in ytkowy German brand Volkswagen produced since October 2007.

Names, B rider Combination of the words Tiger and Iguana, lined oniono in a poll of the German Auto Bild Group (holder include Auto World) from among the following with smokers candidates: “Nanuk “,” Namib “,” Rockton “,” Samun “and” Tiguan “(with a score of about 36% a tie). The names “Marrakesh” and “Bedouin” been rejected already before the competition. Look, both outside Clothes and intern, is close ones to design models of Volkswagen Golf Plus and Volkswagen Touareg. In the car with rye Haldex technology, which allows Enables optimal torque split in between both fueled by the axes. While driving on bitumen 90% engine power is transferred to the of overhang, but according to needs those of the almost 100% can e nap spends about rear.

In 2011, the car past a facelift. The vehicle became similar to other models of the brand through changes headlights, grille radiator and bumper. The back of the vehicle was changed, among others, headlights.