• Volkswagen Scirocco III

Volkswagen Scirocco – passenger sports car produced by the German company Volkswagen in the years 1974 – 1992 and since 2008. The name was taken from a Is the name of the Sirocco wind, according to the process of naming cars at the time (eg Passat Pasat; Golf Gulf Stream). Since 2008 he produced the third generation of the vehicle.

Volkswagen Scirocco and produced by in the years 1974-1981. vehicle was first presented at the Geneva Motor trade fair in 1974.

Originally offered to model with three engines with a capacity of 1.1 l of you (50hp) and 1.5 liters (70 and 85hp) and equipment located among others heated rear window, reclining seats, and expensive senior versions equipped down so small twin halogen headlights, tachometer, leather steering wheel and multi-layered front windows.

In August 1975 years 1.5-liter engine replacing the vertical engine capacity of more 1.6-liter 75hp for unsatisfiable on a year later to the market louse version of the GTI and have a dance power 110 HP of achievement background among others thanks injection system using K-Jetronic Bosch.

In 1978, stylization bodyshells, Improved background Engine bearings and gear EXECUTIVE.

In 1979 he introduced an engine capacity of more 1.3-liter 60hp and all versions of the Scirocco outfitted it in five ciostopniowe, manual gearboxes.

Made exclusively tape assembly these has left about 504 153 units of the first generation of the Scirocco.

Volkswagen Scirocco II produced by in the years 1981-1992. vehicle for the first time was presented at trade fairs Geneva Motor Show in 1981. In 1992, the car was about replacing pione model Corrado.

Work on the second generation vehicle started it already in 1976. Compared to the first generation changed include headlights, desk Resolution, resigned from the rear side windows with snake Threatening up upwardly extended side are schists and with snake it back, lowered it a vehicle, zmiejszono co-factor in air resistance of 0.42 to 0.38. For a list of equipment poses a standard rear spoiler added.

In August 1982 years start this engine mount media storage 1.8-liter 112hp, for in 1985 pallets engines enrich szesnastozaworowy engine power of 139hp.

In 1983, Volkswagen introduced for the American version Wolfsburg Edition, and a jubilee, Limited version California Edition to celebrate the production of 600-thousand-held Scirocco.

In 1988 finish czono sale the new Scirocco in the United States, and a year burn it in Canada. Last copy Scirocco II gone down with tape production 10 september 1992 and was bearing the number 291 497

Volkswagen Scirocco II CL, laid Lona as a “model of rough” (called entry level), also available with an engine capacity of more 1,3 l (60hp) and 1.5 liters (70hp) to equipment located in the 4-Gears box transmission, and the version with an engine capacity of more 1,6 l (85hp) at 4-Gears box transmission with overdrive economic (E).

Volkswagen Scirocco II GL is a deluxe version of the car produced since 1981. The vehicle does not have ospojlerowania, and the A-pillar to B body color and does not contain markings model.

This model is also available to with an engine capacity of more 1.3, 1.5 and 1.6 liters, ga powered speakers. Was It will replace risers in 1985 by the model GTL

Volkswagen Scirocco II GT spell cast as a “model of rough” (called entry level), the next successor model of the CL after its redesign in 1985.

Originally GT would not equipment located in the skirts of the exception spoiler on the rear window has while the thin black side moldings and black stuck veneers pistil B. As standard the equipment of a single light front (space for additional light fog to a small favor lepione using identical for filler panel as in the CL), and 13-inch steel wheels used formerly in the GTS model is small Standard equipment up.

In 1986, the GT submissive change and the addition of additional reflectors have been equipment located in full of spoilers body (Zender) on the tailgate is placed “high” spoiler covering the vertical part of the flap.

These engines are 1.6 liter and (PAL lighter version) 1.8 l ga powered speakers.

Equally since 1986 (after the change) produced be a version with a 16-valve engine with a capacity of 1.8 liters and those powered multi-point injection, K-Jetronic, different than and in August it from the basic version of the power engine 139hp (or 129hp with catalytic converter) and subtitled “16v” located on the front grille are upkach B, and on the tailgate and cover the clipboard.

The GT was replace risers later by GT II.

Volkswagen Scirocco II GT II to Next pc Scala model and last produced model VW Scirocco.

The standard equipment poses GT II belongs and small: mirrors, bumpers and spoilers Zender body color, sunroof, power steering, MFA, electrically adjustable headlights, seats with adjustable height of seats.

Also available to in two engine options: the 1.8 8v JH engine 95 HP and EN 1.8 16v 129hp (catalyst). In both cases the engines to a small power for help multi-point injection KE-Jetronic.

The GT II to produced until 1992. Next you pc VW Scirocco by Volkswagen Corrado that is a next top model of sporting characteristics.

Volkswagen Scirocco II GTI from the launch of the second generation of the Scirocco that the most expensive szymi and best equipped intricate model available pnym the market.

To emphasize the GTI designation be visible on the front of the bezel and are upkach B (are these pillars remained of color in the body), in the first versions of the car to equipment located in the engine with a capacity of 1.6 liters you for multipoint injection (110hp – K-Jetronic), the later was produced replace risers unit with a capacity of 1.8 liters and these power 112hp so small on the multi-point injection K-Jetronic. Not to equipment located in the side strips, but the only one (with the exception of its prototype Bimoto European version be and outfitted with double front light with the version of American (in early-threaded models), later versions important to small featuring a light and European (light + headlights extra), body GTI model not to be having loaded with spoilers, and “low” spoiler on the rear window no person doe vertical elements of the tailgate, the GTI to be having loaded with one the mat front and one rear.

GTI model was replace risers in late 1983 GTX model.

Volkswagen Scirocco II GTL is a luxury version of the car produced since 1985, follows successor to the GL, standard accessories-up holding a alloy wheels, chrome bars in the bumpers, trays, racks, thin side moldings, twin light front, not to equipment located However, body skirts and accessories situated to in the “low” spoiler on the rear window does not donkeys aniaj months of the vertical tailgate also available to 1.6-powered engines ga speakers.

Pistil B to Body-colored and has a model designation.

Volkswagen Scirocco II GTS model is recognizable by its subtitle GTS on both sides of the body and are upkach B. Dost Available to in four colors: “Blue Comet”, “Diamond dilver”, “Cosmos Metallic” and “Papyrus Green Metallic”. Car accessories located to with single headlamps for place additional fog he holds s for sticky with the same texture as the grill cooler.

It does not have ospojlerowania body (with the exception of “low” spoiler on the rear window), and also available to 2 motor variations of media storage: 1.6-liter, powered ga speakers and 1.8-liter multi-point fuel injection supplied K-Jetronic.

The UK version also available by since 1985 with the spoilers in black and with an engine capacity of more 1.8-liter, ga powered speakers.

Volkswagen Scirocco II GTX was introduced in 1984 as the next successor model GTI. The car was equipment located in the engine 1.8 “DX” on multipoint injection to the body styling was used initially set spoilers Kamei X1 with high (person aniaj embracing vertical elements of the flaps) on the rear window spoiler, 14-inch alloy “Avus”.

Semi important models outfitted sent in Zender spoilers painted in body color, and “Low” rear spoiler. In recent models returned to the “high” spoiler on the rear window, and used rims “Le Castellet”. Equally in the second stage of the production of the GTX, produced be a version with a 16-valve engine with a capacity of more 1.8 li-powered multi-point injection, K-Jetronic, is different up a It repealed the basic version engine 139hp (or 129hp with catalytic converter) and subtitled “16v” located on the front grille are upkach B, and on the tailgate and cover the clipboard.

PAL Important during the GTX model was replace risers model Scala.

Volkswagen Motorsport (creator of the VW Scirocco 360/4 and 280/4) was of the reasons Sent to life in order to create competition for the running of Audi (with its model Quattro) occupy appearing a motor sport. In 1981, after the release of the VW Scirocco was formed and the idea of ​​building a car Volkswagen on the drive will be on 4 wheels a

As a small not were available then a pretty engine that he can be reaches a capacities above 200 horses, or transfer the drive that allows large would be to mover 4×4, decided to make the use of two complete teams of nap with official, were the one loaded with engines specially prepared for this purpose, because VW no disposal of fixed assets For engines was still a capacity of 1.8 liters you modified the engine with a smaller capacity of more relationship Magnifier C t jump Eye to 84.6 mm and Diameter to 81 mm, applied rate the spring doe 10,9:1 and reaching a power of 180 hp that is the first VW engine with a capacity of 1.8 liters you.

In version 280/4 used heads the four-company Oettinger, who have been used formerly in a limited edition VW Golf. Volkswagen Motorsport claims, Small power of each of these engines can be seamlessly zoom in up to 220hp.

Used classic body model Scirocco reinforced crate, the only sensation to be having a rear mount team nap Tional – be a part of this front with an identical body of the motor mount and suspension parts (with exception of rocker arms) and with additional elements serve cymi to fix this team in a place where classic body strewn August luggage Score and seat passengers.

Arrangement of cooling composable up with 2 coolers on the front of the body (in the place where the body is located classic boy cooler) front layout cooling is not different than up too much from the layout of classical, while the rear engine flowing boy cov months to fed pipes running down cymi around the tunnel middle body (the side of a passenger), and to the rear of the engine.

In version 360/4 used arrangment injection company Pierburg/Zenith to This multi-system mechanical. To synchronize the drive motors used big adjustment electronic the possible options with a power conversion ratio of front/rear.

In version 280/4 used arrangment injection Bosch K-Jetronic modified angled axis hauling adequate power.

In the UK board brake applied 10 inch (256 mm (!)) Discs on all 4 wheels a

In 1981 was formed a version of the 360/4 (360 hp, 4 wheel fueled) with 2-speed manual, 5 running gear transmissions. In 1984 was formed a version of the 280/4 (280 hp, 4 wheel fueled) this prototype was equipment located in two automatic 3-stage gearbox.

Model 280/4 currently located in Volkswagen Classic Fahrzeugpool.

No ogĂłlnodost Information available about the present state and location of the model 360/4.

Volkswagen Scirocco II Storm is a model introduced for sale in 1984, available in the colors “Havana Brown” and “Cosmos Blue”. To the first model Scirocco II with spoilers painted in body color, and “high” (person aniaj embracing vertical elements flaps) spoiler on the rear window.

Bumpers ones were painted in body color, outfitted it go in wheels “Montreal”. The standard equipment down model of “Storm” belongs with sunroof, headlight washers, antenna, power windows, and the MFA. Used engine with a capacity of 1.8 liters you, codenamed DX and power of 112hp with multiple K-Jetronic fuel injection. For s slate B positioned to be having a logo Karmann.

Overall, was formed about 600 units of the Storm (after 300 in every color).

This model was introduced for sale in 1986. Styles Body and interior hare up a the Italian company SCALL. This model has as standard equipment up bumpers, mirrors and Tuning Centrum Zender body color, “high” rear spoiler (cover months vertical elements of the flaps), double front wipers, wiper rear window and rear window washer. Characteristic for this model is also an interior alluding whole color to the body color.

Scirocco Scala also available to colors:

Color version “Alpine White” has a background tail lamps with painted in white sticking out cymi elements (identical to the model, White Cat), and in other small versions of these painted stripes were made for black.

Under the hood Scala model you can be on found one with 5 units nap with official:

Scala laugh and to model with a limited number of copies but the decision was changed during production and decided s going to replace it serious GTX model.

Volkswagen Scirocco II Slegato a model for the Canadian market. This car base Scala model compatible with the “specs american skin” (Other bumpers, mirrors, headlights). To available in two colors: “Paparika red” and “blue Helios”. The standard equipment pose belongs a small 14-inch alloy wheels, model “Avus”, bumpers, mirrors and ospoilerowanie Zender body-color, heated mirrors, heated seats, air conditioning, MFA, voltmeter built next ashtrays, high spoiler on the rear window (person aniaj months vertical elements tailgate), “wide” side moldings, wiper and washer, rear window, double windscreen wipers, black laminate glued pistil B, and logos SLEGATO placed on s upkach B and Karmann logo placed on the front b otnikach.

Point of interest this model is the fact, and to on the least numerous of the mass-produced models, the number of copies produced is but only 127

Volkswagen Scirocco II of Wolfsburg Edition, produced in the years 1983-1985 and sold exclusively made to market the American. This version be and avaliable only with an engine capacity of more 1.8 liters and 90hp. Body not to be having featuring a ospoilerowanie, special mirrors and tie kszone bumpers (the so-called “specification america rocks”) were painted in body color, the rear window was located up “Low” (no os Aniaj Months vertical part of the hatch) spoiler, a rear window does not have a background wipers. At the front a blue sky otnikach placed round e, convex sticker “Wolfsburg Edition”, and laminated in black are upkach B KARMANN stamps, identical to model STORM. As used herein the standard alloy wheels size 13 inch used formerly in the GTI model. In 1984, the standard color model Wolfsburg Edition “Black Metallic” and “Zermatt silver” changed have been on the “Alpine White”, “Black” and “Flash Silver”. Color “Mars Red” is available from the beginning 1983 to 1985 in which it is converted to “Tornado red”.

Point of interest this model is small in spite of the name “Wolfsburg Edition” all cars from this model to a small manufactured in Wolfsburg and in no labels in Osnabrück.

Volkswagen Scirocco II California Edition is a version of the jubilee, to be made exclusively for the American. In 1983, he produced 500 pieces of the car to commemorate 600 000 piece model of the Scirocco (506,109 pieces Scirocco I and 93891 pieces Scirocco II). By car metalw opart Wolfsburg Edition model featuring a he the spoilers Kamei X1, used in the first versions of the GTX model, painted in body color “Zermatt silver.” Car propelled by engine capacity of more 1.8-liter 90hp. Pair Kszone bumpers and revised in relation to the “European” mirrors comply with the “specs american skin” ones were painted on s slate B (in body color) was placed logo KARMANN. Despite the use of extremely futuristic model ospoilerowania California Edition spoiler on the rear window to in “low” (no veil aniaj months of the vertical flap) and side moldings in “thin”. The standard nadwoziowego this model include piled up equally 14-inch aluminum alloy “Avus”.

Volkswagen Scirocco II White Cat had characteristic styles in the color white. Introduced been while the broad changes in the family model VW Scirocco May smokers in 1985. It is considered to be enriched version Scirocco II GT. Body painted by background color “Alpine White” along with spoilers, mirrors, bumpers and protruding rear lamp cymi elements, featuring a “wide” side moldings, “low” rear spoiler (do not cover Months vertical elements flaps rear), dual arrangement of front wiper, wiper rear, covered with black laminate pistil B loaded with a logo of “White Cat”, and steel wheels with GT painted in body color. Vehicle equipped wife to factory tinted windows. Also available to in three engine versions:

Standard equipment submitting her to these radio “Gamma” Blaupunkt, 4 g and speakers and retractable antenna in front of a blue sky otniku.

Volkswagen Scirocco II Tropic produced by in a small number (2622). His production started in 1986. Vehicle occur Serious in four engine versions:

Body has a background mirrors and spoilers painted in body color, double headlights, “thick” side moldings, “high” (occurring Lying on the vertical elements flaps) rear spoiler, wiper rear window and dual arrangement windshield wiper. Bumpers ones were painted in body color.

Pistil B to pasted with black laminate, and has logo TROPIC version. Amenities sent him alloy “Avus” and painted in two colors, “Medison turquoise” and “Kiwi brown”.

The standard equipment pose belongs up on the radio stereo “Beta”, Blaupunkt.

Volkswagen Scirocco III is produced since 2008. The vehicle was presented for the first time in the automotive trade fair in Paris in 2006 as a concept car under the name Iroc.

In 2009 we introduced the production version R with a turbo Loaded in a gasoline engine 2.0 FSI with 265hp.

In 2013, the manufacturer chooses honor achievement of a limit of one million produced Scirocco editing special – Scirocco Million Edition. Volkswagen Scirocco Million Edition by offered only in the color Deep Black Metallic with a few accents in silver.

By 2014, the car past a facelift. Changed include front bumper with the lights przeciwmg flange, dummy radiator and headlights which is adorned with LEDs as a light daytime driving, rear lights and flaps luggage compartment. On the occasion of a facelift was introduced for the production of new varnishes body and wheel styles. In the interior of the vehicle modified desk Resolution.

On the occasion of a facelift treatments strengthen more units were nap Ent. In addition, all versions, with exception Scirocco R, the standard will receive a small start & stop system and generator recover Months energy during braking.

Vehicle presentation took place up is the automotive trade fair in Geneva.