• Volkswagen Schwimmwagen

VW Type 166 Schwimmwagen German p sailing off-road vehicle (amphibian) from the period of World War II.

Mass-produced since 1940, light truck all-terrain VW Type 82 Kübelwagen turned out up a perfect military vehicle. The only drawbacks to it the lack of a drive on all wheels and the lack of possible options with a swimming. In view of this office Forces Armament L with official made her angry in the design office of Ferdinand Porsche to design custom amphibian. Be is associated with a large military demand for such vehicles. Have taken out they find on the fitted-up branches sapper. Works have begun up 1 July 1940,. It was decided small new vehicle going both amphibious, As well as effective off-road vehicle. For this reason, has been It equipped located in a watertight box, drive on four wheels and an extra box snack adniow off-road. The project was ready already July 5, 1940. Then signed a contract for the construction three prototypes wearing designation VW Type 128 (the so-called d A long amphibian). These were not ready Nov. 1, 1940. New vehicles very still outside Internally resembles a small VW Type 82 Have been subjected to comprehensive tests are in different road conditions. As a result of the tests completed chained in the spring 1941 introduced slight modifications. Ogo jam produced 30 VW Type 128 wears a small official designation Pkw.-K2. In most of the these have been transferred to the Wehrmacht, other small statue of a vein for further research. During the work on amphibious Type 128 was constructed following with which its variants:

Experiments have demonstrated a small, small VW Type 128 is too unstable and may have limited options with a ride in the area. These defects decided to wipe out by reducing the wheelbase and shortening the hull. The draft of the new vehicle was completed in April 1941. At its creation, a large role played a command of the Waffen-SS, which seek for new vehicles for their branches reconnaissance. In August 1941 have begun up intensive field trials car labeled VW Type 166 (Le. Pkw.-K2S). After completing a test vehicle was directed to the production. The first 100 cars were assembled to June 6, 1942. The end of the year a further 511 units were built. Production be and continued until 1944. Was aborted because of heavy air raids on Wolfsburg. At that time, built 14,276 copies Schwimmwagenów.

Polish viewers VW Schwimmwagen could be known from the movie Composition lady on fire and show-car and the Templars (slightly modified silhouette of the vehicle). In both paintings to ride Stanislaus them and Mikulski.