• Volkswagen Pointer

The name VW Pointer designated in Brazil from 1994 to 1996 in a collaboration between VW incurred with Ford compact cars.

This collaboration was part of the joint venture car Latina, which is also the VW Santana derivatives Ford and Ford Versailles Royale brought forth, among other things. For the development of the smaller models, Ford was responsible. The Volkswagen Pointer is therefore also a strong externally modified Ford Escort, only the silhouette, and details such as door handles and door cutouts foreshadowed the model. The interior was an independent cockpit in the true VW style be used.

The pointer was to have three and five doors, the two-door notchback variant called VW Logus and had a direct predecessor in the VW Apollo (also a Ford-derivative base was the Orion). To Europe, with the exception of Russia, the pointer was never exported. After the end of the car Latina pointer disappeared. The gap now fill out the models VW Golf, VW Polo and VW Gol.

However, VW did not want to separate from the name pointer, and then the VW Gol in Mexico, Russia and some other countries is sold as a pointer.