• Volkswagen Phaeton

Volkswagen Phaeton – Sedan class luxury cars manufactured by Volkswagen AG since 2002 in the Glass Manufaktura in Dresden. Currently lasting work on the implementation of submitting her to the production of second-generation car.

Names Phaeton taken from this by the Greek mythology after the son of god of the sun Helios.

Volkswagen Phaeton German Sedan Volkswagen produced since 2002 in a glass factory in Dresden is not built on the concept called the Volkswagen Concept D presented in 1999.

Concept Phaeton beget up a in the head of the then President Ferdinand Piech companies that wanted create superlimuzyn exceeded Szaja c technically, all available on demand market competition models. In a modern car will up a number of technical innovations, among others, bezwiewny conditioning system interior, unprecedented mute cars, smart sprinkler system and much more. News of these daly Phaetonowi for several years as the most technologically advanced limousine.

Following the introduction in 2002, auto car market has been very favorably accepted down by industry automobiles winning and c lot of positive feedback, but have not had a small to reflect the sale of the car, who from the beginning is not s and after thinking the car makers, mostly for things brand, which is associated up with a massive car for the people (Volk folk). Auto rankings sales ranked was spread 4th place for Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 Series, Audi A8, and here Lexus LS before and Jaguar XJ. The equipment of the car offered For phone, navigation TV with 7-inch display panel, television, heated and ventilated seats, quad air conditioning oh adzaj c interior of the vehicle without any perceptible blast of air, humidity control system those air seats, 12 or 18 points adjustment.

When in 2002 the car was introduced to the markets of the world-drive car spends a small three petrol engines: 3.2, 4.2, 6.0 liters and one diesel engine with a capacity of 5.0 l in those TDI technology that has been replace risers in 2005 by the engine 3.0 TDI with 224hp. Since 2005, each one produced Phaeton propelled by on both axes known as the Volkswagen 4MOTION. In 2005 he presented d Is the longest varieties car named Long.

In 2007, at the Geneva Motor Show car were presented to the first face a facelift, which covered new lamps (LED), new bumper designs, based navigation system with DVD reader, and also a support for Bluetooth and MP3 and adaptive cruise control.

In 2008, the car was subjected to a very delicate modernization. Updated multimedia navigation system also available with touch-screen for memory 30 GB storage capacity for MP3 and WMA tracks, and fast mobile Internet (UMTS), the camera reversing booster c parking and ceramic brakes W12 version.

In mid-2010, the Pekin presented auto subjected to subsequent face a facelift thanks to whom redesigned front fascia of the vehicle. In addition to new chrome grille radiator installed a new bi-xenon headlamps with lamps to illuminate cymi twists made in LED technology. New floodlights were installed so small at the back of the vehicle. The modern car is installed so small multimedia mirror, light and fog made in LED technology, panoramic roof, new wheel steering, a set of g for hands-free months for the mobile phone and the new 18-inch alloy wheels.

Prices masthead car after the second face lift in Germany start up the amount of 66 500 euros for the base model, the 71 200 euros for versions with a V6 engine, 82 200 euros for the version with a V8 engine and 115 000 euros for the version the W12 engine.

In 2011, the car was withdrawn for sale on the Polish market while the American was offered him in 2004-2006 and again since 2009.

Vehicle platform manufactured in the factory in Zwickau is the bases for cars Bentley Continental GT and Bentley Continental Flying Spur.

Car ranks in the rankings of reliability luxury class cars in second place.

Volkswagen development chief Ulrich Hackenberg confirm, Small current lasting Advanced work on the second generation Volkswagen Phaeton, which is to be largest back dum manufacturer. From this view of self is formed on the basis of the Audi A8. Car has is a 70% of identical components as the Audi A8, and amongst these smaller units nap Governmental, gear nicely, suspension and electronics. Body car is about to be made of aluminum. The car is so small get to drive large unit a hybrid. Auto boldly was presented in January 2014 during the Love of the International Auto Show in Detroit. However, due to not advanced stage of the production run version the vehicle has not presented the vehicle.