• Volkswagen K70

Volkswagen K70 sedan produced by the company NSU and Volkswagen in 1970-1974. K70 is the first car company VW, who would equipment located in boy-cooled liquid motor on the front of the vehicle. In a plebiscite on the European Car of the Year 1971 Car busy 2 position (For Citroën GS).

K70 car was designed by NSU as a smaller brother of the more popular model Ro 80, a main for differences in between K70 and Ro 80 by a small engine (in the Ro 80 was used more complicated Wankel engine from turning embracing up background look, model K70 laugh conventional internal combustion engine). The name ‘K70’ comes from axis of maximum power of desired motor or 70hp (55 kW), the prefix “K” is an abbreviation of the German word “Kolben,” which is t approximately

In 1969, shortly after the launch of production of the car, NSU was about go down by Volkswagen. VW quest a new family of small sedans to replace with failed model of Type 4, which had intended to replace with obsolete s already Beetle car.

Despite the many treatments VW people associated with the K70 model car the NSU Ro 80, which led on to a smaller than up expected level of sales y In 1974, the K70 model was replace the risers are based lying on components pits Audi VW Passat.

Volkswagen sales 210/nbsp 082 units of the K70.