• Volkswagen Golf Mk1

The Volkswagen Golf is a car I of the German Volkswagen brand, and is the first version of the Golf series.

It was in 1969 that the idea of ​​a modern compact sedan was born. Anxious to assert a real break with the Beetle, Volkswagen decided to trust a young designer named Giorgietto Giugiaro, founder of Italdesign. Adept cubic forms, it offers in August 1970 the model of a small hatchback hatchback, functional but not banal, immediately receives approval from VW.

In May 1974, Volkswagen presented the Golf.

Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1975 the GTI was equipped with a 1.6-liter injection 110hp and weighed 846kg. Volkswagen introduced the GTI in 1982 with 1.8-liter engine, power is however limited to 112hp, considerably improved the acceleration time at medium speed.

The most complete version of the Golf GTI Series 1 was undoubtedly the GTI 16S Oettinger. Between 1981 and 1983, France VAG marketing this special version of the GTI in 1600. Produced 1,250 copies, the 1600, in addition to aesthetic attributes (body kit, supplied white or anthracite wheels… ATS) benefited as its name suggests a new 16-valve cylinder head grafted directly on the block 1600 cm3. Result: 136hp 6500 r/min and 160 N · m at 5500 r/min. A must at the time and a perfect collector today.

There have been several versions of Golf GTI 1.8: the rabbit, the gti more.

In March 1984, Volkswagen stopped production of the Golf I. However, it was produced in South Africa from 1984 to 2009 under the name of Citigolf.

L Story begins in 1976 when the Golf cabriolet was developed as the prototype that gave birth in 1979 to the car series developed by Karmann. Production lasted 14 years (1979-1993) during which no less than 15 different models have emerged. Engines:

Golf cabriolet I was marketed along with the Golf I and II Golf hatchback. At the output of the sedan II, the convertible received mechanical improvements sedan.

There have been a number of special editions like the Classic line, the Sport Line, the Genesis, the Bel Air comes in three series and limited to 750 copies between 1990 and 1991. Convertibles injection engine with the GTI sedan are the label GLI. All Golf cabriolet were designed by the research department “Karmann” in Osnabrück.

The most important aesthetic change has been in the wholesale adoption bumpers in 1987. It is noted that the Karmann name for the big bumper kit is an abuse of common language, indeed, even the Golf cabriolet produced at an earlier date the emergence of large bumpers are badges “Karmann” on the wings.

So there are two aesthetic approaches: PPC (small bumpers) and GPC (big bumpers)