• Volkswagen Corrado

Volkswagen Corrado – seater sports coupé with a body designed by the Volkswagen group and produced by the companies Karmann Coachworks in Osnabrück from September 1 1988 to July 31, 1995. Made 97 521 copies.

Work on the prototype of the new Volkswagen coup̩ started in 1987. Used to build the boards under resting of the Passat B3 in the rear part of the front to shared with the Golf and Jett, wandered through this much part of the motor to be having parts with other Volkswagenami. Tape production in the years 1988 Р1995 has left about 97 521 vehicles, of which 73 055 for the European market. In fact, the Volkswagen produce up about only 20% of essential saving elements remaining 80% that is a product of Karmann.

Originally Corrado laugh about that third version Scirocco, but because of a much ye a bite the masses and price, Volkswagen decided up to change names. Despite the high importance przednionap Governmental Corrado offered For exit unique in background Properties Your driving, your mouth Seriously, however, the model of the Scirocco. In addition, he found out about at the prestigious leaves “25 cars, which you Poje ride before death” og preached by the British magazine “Car”. Car today has many enthusiasts on the whole over the world who still derive joy of its possible options with a.

Debut of the Volkswagen Corrado held up in 1988, it has He initially two engines with a capacity of those 1.8 16-valve power of 139hp as the base model, and loaded 8-valve known as the G60 producing 160hp months. The name derives from the G60 from a compressor mechanical G-type mounted in the small model, the cross-section resembles letters “G”. In addition, the 1.8 8V PF and PB, respectively 107 and 112HP and 129HP 1.8 16V produced exclusively made for export.

In August 1991, put into production two new engine versions. First of media storage 2.0 16V 136hp and the other for media storage 2.9 VR6 with 190hp. Version designed for the North American ski laugh and capacity 2.8 and the power of 174hp. VR6 engine design be a revolutionary at the time, because of the blend of advantages engines forked and government and official by placing the cylinder at an angle of 15 ° in a single goose head. Will For it to fit the engine 6-cylinder in place 4-cylinder. In 1994, he introduced a unit 2.0 8v 115hp. All units have taken out a choice of 2 boxes; 5-Gears manual and 4-Gears automatic.

In the U.S. Corrado debuted half 1990, and they were withdrawn from sale in 1994. VR6 version produced in quantities 7 000 copies you wear a name Corrado SLC (Sport Luxury Coupe). Corrado for the U.S. market is different For up a few details such as orange front turn signals (before facelift), lack of space on the front signs a registration, a light marker in the front bumper, other lamps front and rear, rear blend for registration Prepared for the American plates, no rear towing eye, the third light alloy, in addition to the Canadian versions occur serious s sometimes too sticky on halogens. In the interior of roses nice to touch a small desk Resolution, clocks, steering wheels belts and automatic safety.

Corrado VR6 to be having a worthy competitor for sports cars lined up the range, such as the Porsche 944 or 968 can on it note these Wolfsburg, where g Leading engineer Herbert Schuster, he calls it “volks-Porsche”.

It was created with such a small number of prototypes, among others, Corrado Convertible, Corrado pickup and Corrado Magnum (wagon). The last one was developed by companies construction PEGAM of Osnabrück and executed by the Hamburg companies The projects and technology. Curiosity is a small station wagon was taking less co-factor in air resistance of the coupe. Space luggage half after the background-up couch zoom in and out up to 4901 l Originally intended wypu you Magnum 100 copies, this project however small is not implemented, and finally was formed y Only two copies of the prototype.

Point of interest in every model is the spoiler extends automatically at the speed of 120km/h in European versions and the versions on the market 80km/hw USA and Switzerland, and hidden below 20km/h, can be so small control it by hand. Spoiler is at about 160km/h pushes back on up to 60kg. Similar solution out using the 911 (964). From the fitted down the basic can be between other stand out ABS, Electric mirrors, computer board sample (showing, among others, the instantaneous combustion temperatures oil temperature outside, cut pressure in the manifold ss embracing, waving turnover in a digital format, a total of 18 different functions), fog lights and alloy wheels. In contrast option has availability to small inter alia, Leather upholstery (in black, gray or cream), air conditioning, cruise control, additional pointers of pressure and oil-loading, 2 airbags, sunroof, headlight washers. Some models featuring were in bucket, electrically adjustable Recaro seats three can hunters versions: full of leather – 1 846 units, half Leather – 1 734 pieces and a plain matter – 676 ​​pieces

At the end of 1991 with the introduction of engines 2.0 and VR6 Corrado those units past the minor facelift body. Changes submissive yb Otniki front, mask, grill, headlights, front fascia, side moldings and bumpers with turn signals and halogens. In addition, the fuel tank was magnified from 55 l to 70 l of luggage Score decreased from 300 l to 235 l (with background-up of the sofa – 810l), louse s new color versions upholstery. In 1992, in the interior of change submissive and dashboard with dials and door panels. Versions of the VR6 engine mousy standard shared Rear sofa, 3-spoke steering wheel and EDS.