• Volkswagen Brasilia

The Volkswagen Brasilia was a Brazilian-house development of the manufacturer Volkswagen do Brasil of a station wagon. The model was produced from 1973 to March 1982 in around one million copies in Brazil from 1974 to 1982 in Mexico, this fitted from March 1976 under the name Volkswagen Igala in Nigeria.

The basic design and some details of Brasília models come from the VW Beetle. Despite the similarity with the 411/412er models of Brasilia has no self-supporting body. The floor assembly has no resemblance to that of the VW Type 3, it comes from beetles (with widened base plates as in VW Karmann Ghia Type 14, and VW Type 181), but was changed in details. The jacking points are different, the mounting of the front axle was changed, the central tunnel deeper and under the torsion bar tube 181 is welded a reinforcement such as the VW type. The car can be seen as a further development of the Volkswagen prototype EA 97 of 1960 for Latin America. He had, in contrast to VW Type 3 has no so-called flat motor but due to the blow box be built high beetle engine (also available with two carburetors). Volkswagen do Brasil had 1968-1977 VW 1600 in a private offering, in after a facelift 1971 VW Brasília was very similar. The dual headlights were taken over by the VW SP2 was and came from model year 1973, when then called 412 VW Type 4 is used.

From this type are mainly due to the country in South America still to be found numerous specimens. But also in Portugal and the Canary Islands, it is possible to find such vehicles.