• Vauxhall Wyvern

The Vauxhall Wyvern is a mid-size sedan, which brought Vauxhall in 1948 as a successor to the Vauxhall 12hp on the market.

The classic, 4-door sedan 4-cylinder OHV in-line engine of its predecessor with 1442cc and 33hp (24 kW). The front wheels have a torsion bar suspension; the driven rear wheels are suspended from semi-elliptic. The car reaches a top speed of nearly 1006nbsp,km/h In the same body of the Vauxhall Velox was offered with a larger engine.

1951 got the Wyvern a completely new, self-supporting pontoon body. The engine of the previous model was indeed taken, but develops more power (35hp/26/nbsp; kW). The torsion bar suspension front was replaced by coil springs, top speed increased to 101km/h Also in this body a Vauxhall Velox was available.

In the year after the publication of the first pontoon model this was a new engine with 1507cc and alternatively 40hp (29 kW) or 47.7hp (35 kW). The top speed increased to 115km/h The sister model Vauxhall Velox went through a similar transformation. In 1957, the Wyvern was replaced by the more modern Vauxhall Victor.