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Opel Commodore was a car based on the Opel Rekord modified through the use of in-line 6-cylinder engine and styling make some changes. In this way, the manufacturer offered a car with more comfort and luxury than upper middle class models.

The car was based on the Opel Rekord C. The differences were in the engine (Record – 4 cylinder, Commodore – 6 cylinder) and finish (eg record had wheels mounted with 4 screws, Commodore 5).

Opel Commodore A was manufactured in 1967-1971. It was originally sold under the name "Record-6" with a six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.2 L. As Commodore came with an engine larger capacity 2.5 L (labeled "25S" in-line, 6-cylinder, 1 carb), developing power 115HP (85kW). In September 1967 created sporty Commodore GS with a drive unit with a capacity of 2.5 L (code "25H" in-line, 6 cylinder, 2 carburetors) offering 130HP (96kW).

They had a 4 speed manual gearboxes and automatic. Body produced version Sedan (2 and 4 door) and Coupe (2 door).

In 1969, changed speed automatic transmission with two-speed on three-speed.

In September of 1969 years handbrake lever was moved from the position of the steering wheel between the front seats, and the fuel tank was enlarged from 55 to 70 liters.

In March 1970 there was established a model GS/E. It had a 2.5L engine (code "25E" in-line, 6 cylinder, fuel injection Bosch D-Jetronic) who achieved power 150HP (110kW), which enabled the car a top speed of 197km/h (123mph). Commodore GS/E has made a career in motorsport, with the car prepared by Steinmetz.

In April 1970 there was established Opel Commodore with 2.8L engine (code "28H" in-line, 6 cylinder, 2 carburetors) power of 145HP (106.6 kW).

Motors mounted in the Commodore:

from 1970:

Commodore produced 156,330 pieces, including the 2574 GS and GS models/E.

Commodore B model was built based on the Rekord D was offered in four models 2500S, 2500 GS, 2800 GS and 2800 GS/E in the body type sedan with 2 or 4 door and coupe body. Production of this model was completed in 1977.

Commodore B engine variants:

Made from March 1972 to July 1977 Commodore B 140 827 units, of which 42 279 coupe.

Commodore C model was built based on the Rekord E1. Produced it in the sedan body styles (2 – and 4-door) and wagon (model Commodore Voyage). Two-door version was produced only in June 1981. Was used only one engine 2.5 S (115hp) powered carburetor, and since the summer of 1981 2.5E (130hp) of power single-point fuel injection system from Bosch Jetronic. A total of 82,800 units of the model (for comparison Rekord E1 produced was almost 1 million copies). In the UK sold bliĹşniacze car called the Vauxhall Viceroy, Australia Holden Commodore VB and then VC and VH.

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