• Vauxhall SRV

Vauxhall SRV

The Vauxhall SRV (Styling Research Vehicle) was a design study, the Wayne Cherry 1970 created for Vauxhall. It was never planned to build this car, but the study should be an image of both Vauxhall and provide the opportunity to try out some unusual design concepts.

The car was inspired by the former Le Mans race cars with a short snout and a long tail, but offered comfortable seating for four adults, although he was only 1041 mm high. Was unusual in that the front seats were built in, but all controls could be adjusted in distance and angle to the driver. The car had four doors, the rear had no handles and fully dressed were – until today, over 30 years later, to build such a thing in A production car.

The car could change its aerodynamic profile with a built-in front spoiler. The SRV had electrically adjustable suspension, which could raise the rear of the vehicle if desired, and it was (as aircraft) possible to pump gasoline into different tanks to trim the vessel. The gauges were placed in a tray in the driver’s door.

The car had a transversely mounted four-cylinder engine with 2.3 liter displacement.