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Opel Corsa – small car General Motors produced under the German brand Opel since 1982. Currently produced is called the fourth generation of the Corsa D

Corsa sold in Europe and beyond, as Vauxhall in the UK, Chevrolet in South America and Holden in Australia. Despite the presence in the global market, the Corsa has never been offered in the U.S. and Canada. The car is currently produced at the Opel factory in Eisenach (Germany), Zaragoza (Spain) as well as in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, India and China.

Achieve financial success the company, which include offer a large range of models and variations of their vehicles. Guided by the principle of the company, Adam Opel AG decided to extend the range of manufactured vehicles. It was decided on the smallest of previously manufactured. So important decision was preceded by a very after careful market research. It turned out that in Europe, outside of Germany, increased interest in small cars. At the end of the seventies in Germany, 12% of new cars belonged to the lower class or a class of four-meter length of the body, in Italy, France, and Spain, the share of these vehicles increased up to 43%. The internal market was saturated German cars. Looking for new markets have high hopes associated with Spain, which was one of the countries with the fastest growing automotive industry, there was a big demand for cars. In Spain, however, the rule in force that opens the borders only those suppliers who its territory the production. Opel had to meet this condition, if you wanted to sell their cars for the Pyrenees. At the end of the seventies decided to build a new production facility Spain. At the cost of about 2 billion mark established in Zaragoza, located about 150km from the border of the French, very modern factory with a high degree of automation of technological processes. The idea of ​​building a small car in the Opel created quite a long time ago. Already in 1969, the first projects, among them the concept car with frontal napÄ™dowym.Jednak the development department of the company had more urgent tasks – modernized currently manufactured car, and the idea of ​​building a car with front-wheel drive was carried out 10 years later, but in a slightly larger car – Opel Kadett. Work on a small Opel moved quickly until the late seventies. The prototype, a car with a series of informational and other cars equipped with new components have been run during the tests on the range of General Motors in Duddenhofen and on highways in many countries, 2.5 millionkm, and the positions of control checked more than 150 engines, which corresponded to the cumulative duration of 2 million kilometers. During the development of the body, as well as new, their own methods of strength tests performed with the model of 1:2. These tests allowed the optimization of the body in terms of safety, even before making the first prototype. The official start of production of the car took place on 5 November 1982. On this day the King of Spain Juan Carlos I sat behind the wheel of the Corsa leaving the factory floor of the Zaragoza plant. Taken to produce two basic varieties Body: Corsa-of body type hatch-back and Corsa TR-from classic trójbryÅ‚owym body. Shortly after the above varieties was established with the characteristics of a third sports-Corsa SR (GT) car This was, among others, under the front bumper different spoiler, aerodynamic fairing at the rear wall, and better dynamic values, has been fitted with an engine and 1300S, leading to a power of 69PS variant was rare special Corsa 1300S (Sprint) modified by Irmscher differed among other things, the power injection which increased power to 80PS version was approved to rally a group. The outer surfaces of the body of small Opli were smooth, without -deep embossments was preferred due to the reduction of air resistance. The measurements in the tunnel of the Italian company Pininfarina research showed that the Corsa TR had a coefficient Cx = 0.38, and the type Corsa HB 0.36.

Produced different versions of the engine from 1.0 to 1.6 dm ³. The most powerful version was described as GSI. In 1990, the car has undergone a facelift, changed the dashboard and a more bulbous fenders.

In the early 90s started the production of the Corsa A in Eisenach in the former East Germany, near the former VEB Automobilwerke Eisenach plants producing cars Wartburg.

Opel Corsa B was unveiled to the public at the Geneva Motor Show in 1993, replacing produced by the Opel Corsa 11 years A. Its characteristic feature was the body of an aerodynamic shape, designed by Japanese Hideo Kodama.

Initially, the Corsa B was available with petrol engines with capacities:

and diesel:

Later, these units have been replaced by new engines with volumes:

Accessorial versions of this generation:

Opel Corsa C was introduced in 2000, highlighting not only the body styling but also a new floor panel called Gamma, which was later used in the construction of other GM cars. In 2003, the car undergoes facelift.

In South America, South Africa and Asia offered is also version with bodywork sedan, pickup in Brazil based on the Corsa named Montana.

The Corsa’s standard equipment includes :

Are available for an additional charge:

Corsa C occurs in the following palette:

Corsa C has obtained, and four… in five ™ ciogwiazdkowej scale score of ™ in mother-> close conducted by an independent European New Car Assessment Programme Euro NCAP.

Petrol engines with a capacity of 1.0, 1.2 and 1.4 liters come from a previous version and have been slightly modernized. On the other hand dieselowski engine 1.3-liter is a completely new design developed jointly with the company Fiat. This diesel unit is produced exclusively in the Silesian plant in Bielsko-Biala.


Opel Corsa D was presented at the Motor Show in London in 2006. The new model is built on a new platform developed by GM jointly with Fiat, which it shares with Fiat Grande Punto. More comprehensive than its predecessor model is equipped with Flex-Fix system allows extensive configuration of luggage space. The manufacturer gave the new Corsa sporting character which is most evident in the three-door model that looks like a coupe.

In 2011, made face-lift, which involves changing the shape of the headlamps (eg in the direction mounted daytime running lights), change the appearance of the radiator grille and fog lamp housing.

The fastest variant of Opel’s small engine is equipped with a 1.6-liter 192hp, which provides very good performance. Externally, the car is different from the "normal" design bumpers and sill, rear spoiler, lowered suspension and reserved for the strongest varieties Opli blue, metallic finish. Currently, the choices are gasoline and diesel engines with manual and automatic transmission:

Small Opel received five stars in Euro NCAP five-star scale. In a plebiscite on the European Car of the Year 2007 took second position (for the Ford S-MAX).

Available petrol engines: a 1.0 Twinport Ecotec (65hp) Transmission: M5 1.2 Twinport Ecotec (70hp) Transmission: M5 1.2 Twinport Ecotec (85hp) Transmission: M5 1.2 Twinport Ecotec (85hp) EasyTronic ® transmission: MA5 1.4 Twinport Ecotec (100hp) Transmission: M5 1.4 Twinport Ecotec (100hp) Transmission: A4

Available diesel engines: the 1.3 CDTI Ecotec (75 KM) gearbox: M5 1.3 CDTI Ecotec (95 KM) gearbox: M6 ecoFLEX 1.3 CDTI Ecotec (95hp) of system: Start/Stop Transmission: M5 1.7 CDTI Ecotec (130 KM) gearbox: M6

Technical engines offered since 2006. Old engines with standard Euro 4 emissions are no longer sold, replaced them in 2011, the engines are Euro 5 (marked A administered before displacement).

The letters and digital engines

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