• Vauxhall Movano

Opel Movano – a family of large commercial vehicles manufactured by General Motors under the German brand Opel in collaboration with the French brand Renault since 1998. Since 2010, the second generation is produced. It is the largest currently produced by Opel car. It was built in collaboration with Renault. The French company has provided, inter alia, pojazu frame. The car can be used as a large family car or van capable carry up to 3.5 tons of cargo.

Opel Movano A – twin model Renault Master II produced in the years 1998-2010.

Both vehicles were produced in Batilly in France by the company "Sovab" belonging to the Renault Group. Used with the components manufactured by Opel. In exchange for the delivery of this model General Motors produced in its plants in Luton in the UK model of Opel Vivaro twin model Renault Traffic.

In 2003, the car undergoes facelift model with twin master. The redesigned vehicle, among others, front of the vehicle. Changed the headlights and grill.

Przed face liftingiem:

Po face liftingu:

Opel Movano B – twin model Renault Master III. Both vehicles are produced in Batilly in France by the company "Sovab" belonging to the Renault Group.

Movano B is much larger than the Movano A. Total body styles dating back to the 29th Auto is also available in four varieties differing in length and three body height.

By 2014, more than a gentle facelift car. From outside the vehicle when lifting distinguished only upgraded radiator grille. The vehicle was amended, inter alia, engines, which can be equipped with one or two turbochargers. The list of standard equipment enhanced with the ESC aided by Hill Start Assist and wide right exterior mirror eliminating the blind spot.

Standard equipment includes ABS with EBD.