• Vauxhall Monterey

Isuzu Trooper – SUV produced by Isuzu in the years 1983-2002.

The first model Trooper cars appeared in 1983. There were versions of the two-and four-door. Auto based on frame construction, with an independent front suspension and rigid rear axle suspension piórowych.Auto was equipped with a gasoline engine with a capacity of 2224 cm3, which developed the 66 kW/90hp at 4600 rev/min and 167 Nm at 2600 rev/min, and a diesel engine with a capacity of 2222 cm3 developing 39 kw/53hp at 4000 rev/min and 120 Nm at 2200 r/min, and turbocharged version 53 kw/72hp at 4000 rev/min, 154 Nm at 2500 r/min.W 1988, the offer was supplemented with a new petrol engine with fuel injection with a capacity of 2536 cm3 with 85 kW/115hp at 5000 rpm/min and 195 Nm at 2500 rev/min, withdrawn 2.2L diesel engine and replaced it with a new capacity of 2752 cm3 power of 71 kW/97hp at 3700 rev/min, 208 Nm at 2100 r/min.Rok later introduced for sale version with charge air cooler (Intercooler), enhanced to 78 kw/106hp at 3850 rev/min and 242 Nm at 2300 r/min. Transmission takes place through manual gearbox and reducer, which had three ratios:

Latest cars of the first generation, with a distinctive shape kanciatym were produced until 1992.

Trooper second generation is a completely newly designed car. Presented in 1991 in Japan was clearly larger, more powerful and much more luxurious than its predecessor. The front suspension was made as in the previous version of the first generation, in the rear and used four longitudinal bars with Panhard rod and coil springs. In Trooperze second generation appeared capable of carrying a total of 7 persons per through additional row of seats. However, this was only possible in the long version.

In Europe, the car was sold under the name Opel Monterey in 1992-1999.