• Vauxhall Magnum

The Vauxhall Magnum was built by Vauxhall 1973-1978. He is a Vauxhall Viva HC with more powerful engines, more luxurious interior, vinyl roof, more chrome parts and double headlights. Suspension and drive train (without motor) are the same as for the Viva.

The less powerful versions had the 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine and two circular instruments, while the more powerful engine the 2279-cc four-cylinder and seven round instruments possessed. Both variants as there were 2 – and 4-door sedans, 3-door station wagon hatchback and 2-door coupe. All versions had "Rostyle" wheels. Confusingly, there was Viva versions with larger engines and vinyl roof to buy. This lack of Clarity in the model range was at this time one of the biggest marketing problems for Vauxhall.

The model name Magnum then also replaced the name Firenza for the coupe models; latter was from 1974 used exclusively for the Firenza HP "Droopsnoot" models. The Magnum series was offered until 1978.

The various equipment and body styles that were originally reserved for the Magnum were gradually offered for the Viva (eg in the top model Viva GLS) to improve the increasingly declining sales of this model. The series Viva was set in 1979. The name Magnum found in New Zealand using the Viva 1300 of there with the twin headlights of the British Magnum model, but with the standard interior Viva was offered.

1976, 197 pieces of a combined model of the Magnum, called "Sport Hatch" manufactured. This model had the snout of the "Droopsnoot", but the 2.3-liter engine of the Magnum, AVON sport bikes and a special painting: "Extra Wine Dark" (Dark Maroon) with bright red stripes and gloss effects. This model has always been rare and is highly sought after by collectors today.

The performance of the Magnum were quite lively, but economical use of fuel was never the strength of this model.