• Vauxhall Bedford CF

The Bedford CF was a light van which was built by Vauxhall Motors in Luton in 1969 to 1988 as a successor to the Bedford CA.

The first CF Transporter was introduced in late 1969 and was one of the most popular light commercial vehicles on British roads. Often, the CF also served as the base vehicle for camper conversions (see Dormobile).

The engine was the familiar four-cylinder, which ran in the Vauxhall Victor FD since 1967. Over the years, the cubic capacity of the aggregates increased from 1598cc over 1759cc and 1975cc up to 2259cc, otherwise the engines remained unchanged. There were different gear, a manual three-speed gearbox from Vauxhall, manual four-speed gearbox from Vauxhall, Bedford and ZF, a manual five-speed transmission from ZF and GM automatic. On request, there were also an overdrive Laycock-de-Normanville for the four-speed gearbox from Vauxhall.

There were three types of structures for the CF1: a simple box car as a competitor for the Ford Transit, a van with a separate cab, could be attached to the various constructions of foreign suppliers, and Camper Dormobile.

Based on the CFL 350 is also a minibus was built from 1979 to 1982. The chassis was actually intended for the production of vans with a payload of 35 cwt (about 1750kg). At the rear, it had twin wheels. For the bus for 17 passengers, a structure has been put on the chassis. Compared to the van, the structure was drawn far forward so that he was almost like a front driver. About 180 bodies were from Reeve Burgess delivered 34 pieces came from Plaxton. Plaxton adapted while the Supreme structure for the vehicle. The bodies were 7 feet and 6 inches wide. The seats were arranged in three rows, each doing a double seat left and right of the center aisle and a bench seat with five seats were in the rear of the vehicle. The choice was between several petrol and diesel engines. The 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine of Opel with a power of 59hp was preferred in 4400 min-1. Along with a five-speed transmission from ZF reached the car a top speed of about 105km/h The 2.3-liter engine of Opel had a higher power, but also a higher fuel consumption. Diesel engines were not particularly popular because of the loud noise. The buses came from all at hotels and excursion traffic to use. Reason for the low spread was the high price of up to £ 20,500 £ 21,000 was three times as high as the price for a delivery on the same chassis.

The CF2 was introduced in 1984. It differed slightly from CF1 by a slightly more angular design and the Dormobile had its own body shape.

The Bedford CF was after Ford Transit the second best selling van in the UK. As the transit was the CF broader and therefore better to use than its competitors from Austin-Morris, Rootes and Volkswagen. The CF was also the most popular camper. They were happy rebuilt throughout the 1970s and 1980s by external tuners.

The Bedford CF was everywhere. The British police used it as a prison transport and to the accompaniment of demonstrations. Also in the construction and building materials trade, he was very popular. Couriers and Royal Mail to use it. Even as a camper it was used because of its roomy interior, and its low fuel consumption. Served in the UK and he often serves as an ice cream sale Vehicles.

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