• Vauxhall Bedford Beagle

The Bedford Beagle was an estate version of the Bedford HA, a van with 400kg of payload, which was based in turn on the Vauxhall Viva HA. The conversion was from Martin Walter Ltd.. performed. The Bedford HA was seen in his time often, but the Beagle was significantly less and today there are only a few examples. The Beagle in turn formed the basis for the camper Roma, which was also designed and built by Martin Walter.

The vehicle was introduced in 1964 and was originally equipped with a four-cylinder engine with 1057cc capacity. Even otherwise, the decor was very simple; There were drum brakes all around and only a few instruments. Later, larger engines were used; In 1967 there were 1,159cc and 1972 there were 1,256cc. The top speed increased so of 116km/h to 129km/h

In 1973, the production has been set, the better equipped Vauxhall Viva HC estate cars replaced the Beagle.

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