• Vauxhall Albany

The Bedford Midi was a medium-sized van, 1985-1987 by Bedford Vehicles Ltd.. and then to 1996 of the IBC Vehicles Ltd.. was built. He replaced the Bedford CF. He was in the way of comparable Japanese vehicles are designed and had underfloor engines from Isuzu. The four-cylinder petrol engines were available with 1.8 and 2.0 liter displacement, as diesel engines with 2.0 liter or 2.2 liter displacement, or as a turbo diesel engine with 2.4 l displacement. Basically concerned it is a built in Luton Isuzu WFR with some modifications made by Vauxhall. The Midi should replace the old CF, but it never succeeded. This model also marks the end of Bedford’s own designs, as it was cheaper for GM to use constructions of sister companies. During the year 1985 there were talks with Freight Rover Sherpa licensed production of the 300, but these were canceled in late 1986 without result. After a Crash Test of the Japanese Isuzu WFR with poor outcome, there were also discussions about the safety of the Midi. The Midi had either an old-fashioned column shifter, which provided, however, for a third seat in front, or a conventional stick shift. It gave him a short or long wheelbase, normal roof or high roof. The minibus version was called Albany.

The Midi was revised in 1989. He got a new dashboard and new seats and new door panels and a different front end. The range of engines remained unchanged.

In 1997, the Midi was replaced by the Vauxhall Arena.

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