• Toyota T100

The Toyota T100 was a great pickup, Toyota introduced in late 1992 as a model 1993. Toyota stated should T100 as an alternative to smaller pickups, such as the Hilux, serving, but the customers complained that he was too small to attract those interested in large construction sites pickups. Many complained about the lack of a V8 engine, but Toyota stated that they had not installed these on purpose to offer an economical vehicle that the benefits of a large flatbed truck with the driving behavior of a small pickups combined. Although this was Toyota’s official markting plan, there were rumors the company was small-block V8 from GM with 305 cu.in. (5.0 l capacity) and 350 cu.in. (5.7 l capacity) to buy. Whether this was true, no one knows; But the fact is that the T100 never got a V8 engine and this was a key selling obstacle.

Initially, the sales figures were very weak, but in 1996 reached the sales in the U.S. over 40,000 units/year. Although this at this time were quite erspriesliche numbers for Toyota, but you have to remember that GM 700,000 pickups sold in the year, Ford 550000-850000 pieces and Dodge brought after the introduction of de new Ram 1994 100000-400000 copies to the man. Whether it is due to this new model or not, fell Sales of the T100 was introduced by about 30% when the new Ram 6 months after T100.

Despite these criticisms of size and motorisation of the T100 as described by JD garnered some good media reviews, Power & Ass the prize for the best big pickup of the year the prize for the best newcomer of the year was from Popular Science magazine in the year of adoption. One should also mention that the T100 was the first car of the Initial Quality Survey Award was given in the year of its appearance. Also in the following years 1994 and 1995 received the T100 this price. In 1997, he was in this category still one of the top three vehicles.

When Toyota was firmly established in the compact pickup truck market in the United States in the 1980s and 1990s, it seemed to many logical that the manufacturer wanted to penetrate into the market for large pickups. The rumors went many years before they were a reality in 1993, and he had his first big Toyota pickup a 2.4 m long platform, but the engine and the chassis of a compact pickup. It was slightly larger than the Dodge Dakota, but still smaller than the typical large Pickups. This gave the T100 a special place in the series of pickups. He was economical and reliable, but no great sales, so Toyota could not reach the expected market share. Although many buyers did not agree, the T100 was just too small, though larger than Toyota’s other pickup truck, the Hilux and its successor, the Tacoma.

When the T100 was introduced, there was only him, in one embodiment, a normal flatbed, and with an engine, a 3.0 liter V6 with 150hp (110 kW) and a torque of 244 Nm. In 1994, a 2.7-liter R4 engine to the (110 kW) also put up 150hp and a torque of 240Nm developed. This was done in the hope that promises of a lower fuel consumption and a lower purchase price would attract new buyers. Finally, Toyota had However, notice that there was no alternative to stronger motors, and 1995, the 3.4-liter V6 with an output of 190hp (140 kW) and a torque of 298 Nm was added. Later in the year, also an Xtra Cab came (Extended Cab) to do so. The T100 has undergone few changes throughout its production time in addition to the additional engine variants and additional body shape. From 1994, an airbag for the driver was installed (The passenger never received one) and from 1997 in the all-wheel-drive models as standard 406 mm (16 ") built high side walls. End of 1996/beginning of 1997 it was already clear that Toyota developed the successor (Tundra). In the late 1990s, many thought that these developments would lead to a revised T100 (which would come with a V8 engine) and there were also reports of converted, and equipped with a V8 test vehicles. Finally it was nothing and Toyota unveiled the completely redesigned Tundra.

Toyota Racing Development (TRD) built in 1997 a compressor in the 3.4-liter V6 engine, a. This engine was in the T100, Tacoma, 4Runner and have in the tundra later. Power was up to 265hp (195 kW) is increased – depending on the design of the compressor – and the torque rose to 339-359 Nm.

The T100 was built by the Toyota subsidiary Hino and also in part a construction. There were three trim levels, the base model, the DX, and the top model SR5. The maximum towing capacity was 2360kg and the payload at 1112kg. Most of the vehicles ran a ½-ton truck, but there was a time and a 1-ton model (only with rear-wheel drive) until it was eventually phased out due to lack of demand.

All T100 were built in Tokyo. The T100 was the last Japanese-built pickup for the United States. 1998 Toyota built its own production facility in the U.S. in Gibson County (Indiana), where the new Tundra was built. The sale price for the built in Japan T100 contained 25% import duty. In 1998 the production of the T100 has been discontinued. Successor was the Tundra with a V8 engine. These pickups were very popular as a used car, since they were very reliable, and have 15 Years after its introduction a high resale value.

3,0 l-V6 – 1993/1994

2,7 l-R4 – 1994-1998

3,4 l-V6 – 1995-1998

3,4 l-V6-Kompressor – 1997/1998







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