• Toyota Soarer

Toyota Soarer – a sports car produced by the Japanese automaker Toyota from February 1981 to August 2005. Was available as a 2-door coupe. Used to drive multiple motors, among other things: R6 and V8, both turbocharged and naturally aspirated like. Power was transferred to the rear axle. The resulting four generations of the model, first won in Japan at the turn of 1981-1982 Car of the Year.

Soarer was introduced as the first personal luxury car of Toyota. It was a 2-door notchback coupe (designation code Z10), the sales went in February of 1981 years. With a wheelbase of 2,660 mm equal to body length was 4665 mm. To drive the motors used R6 2.8 58-GEU (170hp), R6 3.0 6M-GEU (190hp, from January 1985), 2.0 1G-EU and turbocharged M-TEU.

The second generation (Z20) was introduced in January 1986, the style she alluded to the previous. About 10 mm extended wheelbase and body length. To drive the motors were used, such as: 3.0 turbo 7M-GTEU (230hp), 2.0 1G-GEU (140hp) and 2.0 1G-EU (105hp). In April 1989, presents a limited series of 500 pieces Aero Cabin, it was characterized by, among others, two seats and a retractable roof.

In May 1991, put into production Toyota Soarer 3rd Generation (Z30), was supposed to be a luxury coupe offered on the North American market under the brand name Lexus. For this reason, enlarged body, wheelbase increased to 2,690 mm Overall length 4860 mm and to. To drive the used engines: V8 4.0 1UZ-FE (260hp), R6 2.5 twin-turbo and R6 3.0. Twin vehicle was a Lexus SC300/400.

The latest iteration of the model (Z40) was presented in April 2001. Changed the appearance of the body, with a wheelbase of 2620 mm length 2515 mm was achieved. To drive available was only one engine, V8 4.3 3UZ-FE (280hp) locked with a 5-speed automatic transmission. In August 2005, after the introduction of the Lexus brand in the Japanese market, Soarer was renamed the Lexus SC430. SC430 production was completed in July 2010.