• Toyota Patrol

Nissan Patrol – off-road flagship of the Japanese brand in the market since 1951, when it appeared on the order of the army. For a long time this model is the flagship of the company and is counted among the most reliable off-road vehicles.

Was the first SUV under the name Datsun, purpose lightweight 4×4 vehicle was use by the military. Marked as 4W60, design (like all of that time) resembled a Willys Jeep. The vehicle did not have a door or tailgate. The first roadsters were driven 3.6 liter petrol engine with a capacity of 85HP.

In 1958, he formed a modernized version of the name 4W65 and 4W66 longer. Under the hood is loaded petrol engine P6 – six petrol with a capacity of 3956cm3 and power 105HP. This model also received a tarpaulin and doors, and a long version of a fully enclosed body with two side benches.

For the purposes of the civil market arises Patrol 60 is the first model produced under the name of "Patrol". Constructed in two versions: G6 and Vg6 mieszczÄ…cym 8 people. There has been a lot of structural changes – changed the shape of the body, changed fenders replaced with full wheel arches. Suspension were semi-elliptical leaf springs, telescopic shock absorbers and stabilizer bar. Drive for Patrol accounted czterolitrowy, six-cylinder engine petrol with 125hp. Moved drive transmission and a two-stage regulator with the possibility of switching the drive on 2 and 4 wheels. In 1965, after the modernization Patrol received an engine of 145hp. In 1968, he created the longest version of the chassis with a wheelbase of 2.8 meters, on the chassis, which produced a pickup truck.

In 1980, he created a completely new version of the Patrol – 160 new model replaces the old model 60, which is withdrawn from production. New, to be known as the MQ Patrol or Safari, a car, its square figure significantly different from its predecessor. Equipped with a stronger frame, more modern engines and reinforced drives. Propulsion system used is attached drive on the front axle. Front Wheel Hubs have clutches disengagement, which can be controlled manually or automatically, depending on the model. The design is based on the suspension bridges rigid drive attached to the frame by means of leaf springs póÅ‚eliptycznych, a reducer and gearbox is covered with the underside of the duralumin plate cover. The new Patrol is available in two sizes – 2380 and 3000 mm, in short, 3 door, and a long, 5-door variant, as well as long and short pickup. A choice of three engines. Gasoline with a capacity of 2752 cm3, SD33 diesel with a capacity of 3245 cm3, power 95HP and its supercharged version SD33T, with a capacity of 110HP.

In 1984, 160 were upgraded Patrol changed the shape of the headlights and also changed the brand. Since then apply the name Nissan Patrol.

In 1987, in Japan, Nissan unveiled a new, upgraded model SUV Nissan Patrol GR. The car was produced only in Japan. The basic design of the car, so the load-bearing structure and drives not changed significantly compared to the model 160, changed while the car’s suspension. Leaf springs were replaced by coil springs aided by the rods and rocker arms. Changed the look of the car – extended wheel arches, added plastic parts, changed the grille and the shape of the headlights. The rear doors hinged horizontal flap was changed to a pair of doors that open to the sides. The interior of the vehicle became more comfortable and more aesthetic. The new suspension has allowed a more comfortable ride the new Patrol. For GR and hit new engines – six-rzÄ™dówki with a capacity of 4196 cm3. Two petrol engines: one with a capacity of 170hp, the other with electronic fuel injection multipoint with 175hp and two diesel units: a naturally aspirated 125hp and a supercharged 145hp. Also mounted turbo diesel engine with a capacity of 2826 cm3, 115hp (the basic unit for the European market). The new transmission speed of five runs was fitted to all versions of the engine, the 4-liter provides optional four-speed automatic. The rear axle differential system performed with LSD or full mechanical differential lock.

In parallel with the production of Patrol GR, Nissan produced since 1989, a modified version of the MQ Patrol held 160 production plants Motor Iberia (Spain). The new model labeled 260, received the engine and gearbox drives the GR model, while the suspension has been taken from the model 160 – leaf springs and the shape of the body. The rear axle is fitted as standard differential LSD LSD. Nissan Patrol 260 is produced in a long and the short version.

The latest model Patrol GR has a luxurious interior and a car with very good off-road capability. Luxurious body of the new Patrol is equipped with all the amenities available in luxury cars. The rear axle is equipped with a removable electromechanical stabilizer. In Y61 mounted is known from previous GR-s 3 liter turbo diesel with 160hp, petrol capacity 4479 cm3, 200hp, and the four-cylinder turbo diesel with a capacity of 2953 cm3 direct injection power reaching 158hp. Known from the previous GR-and-cylinder 2.8 L was enriched with intercooler and now develops 129hp power (was used in the initial phase of the production model Y61). Czterolitrowych engines also provides a four-speed automatic transmission.