• Toyota MR2/MR-S

Toyota MR 2 (AW11) – two-seater coupé MR-2 was produced from June 1984, when it was premiered the first generation of this model.

This vehicle debuted with the drive unit disposed transversely in front of the rear axle driving the rear wheels. The aim of this design was to achieve ideal weight distribution in this small car.

Auto was available with four-cylinder inline engine of 1.6/1,587 cm ³; 4A-GE/and 5-speed manual gearbox. This engine has obtained up to 91kW power, 120hp at 6600 rev./Min. Car of the unit, promoted to "hundreds" of up to 8.1 could accelerate to 200km/h Fuel consumption stood at 6.0 l at 90km/h to 8.1 l in the urban cycle.

Body dimensions:

Vehicle weight is only 998kg. American versions were heavier – weighed 1066kg. The fuel tank has a capacity of 41 liters a wheelbase of 2,320 mm. Rack, or rather two lockers front and rear have a capacity of 70 and 142 dm ³.

In August 1986, in selected markets, offer Toyota MR2 appeared in limited edition G/E-AW11 /. This variety had reinforced the 1.6 – 4A-GE, which was based on the action of the compressor pump Roots. Maximum power has increased to 145 KM/6400. Marking this engine is 4A-GZE.

In each version mounted disc brakes for all wheels. Photo tires wore designation 185/60 R14.

Other units drive ™ ent used in the E-AW10 and AW11 E-ON are:

At the end of 1989, this model was replaced by the second generation MR2 SW20 code. Successor was 20 cm long, had a 80 mm longer wheelbase and was heavier by an average of 150kg.