• Toyota Mark X

Toyota Mark X is a car produced by the Japanese carmaker Toyota launched in November 2004.

Large touring rear wheel drive (or AWD depending on version), the Mark X arrived in late 2004 in a Toyota range quite cluttered large sedans: there was the eternal and family but also the Crown Brevis and Progres; However, recent began their retirement. The Mark X replaced the Mark II and the unusual Verossa that had not found its audience, slipped away after a career only three years.

Developed only for Asia, the Mark X is not distributed in Europe or even the United States. It occurs however in China under the name Reiz.

Delivery in 4-door sedan, the road, which has technically nothing in common with the Toyota Mark X Zio received a facelift at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2009.

The Mark X was a great year in 2005 in Japan with 64,000 units delivered. Its circulation fell to 46,000 in 2006 down to 21,100 in 2008. Its sales still were down by 50% over the first 9 months of 2009, before the intervention of his facelift. However, it had a beneficial effect since the year finally ended at – 22% with 16,400 sales. In 2010, broadcasting in Japan has more than doubled for up to 35,000 copies.

In China, his career is even better with 44,000 sales in 2009 and 51,800 in 2010. Her sister Camry however still sells three times while in Japan it is only the numbers.