• Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser – model Toyota off-road vehicle produced in various versions since 1954.

In 1955 he introduced the numerical marking. The deciphering is relatively simple and is as follows:

J40 series offered in the world until 1984, when there was a series of J70, but in Brazil it was made on the name Bandeirante 2001.

Ordering Information Bandeirante indicate that it is a series of J50, but they were made only to distinguish it from the Japanese version of the J40 and have nothing to do with the J55 model described below.

This model Toyota so liked the people’s power in China, the company Wuhan (now Wuhan Zhongyu Automobile) created deceptively similar in appearance and dimensions of the model WH213, produced in the years 1980 to 1991. However, not copied the car exactly what you see in front of the which seems a bit more modern than the stylized model J55 and R4 engine had a capacity of 2.4 liters (75hp).


Land Cruiser II/Bundera/Prado

In 1985, he appeared J70 version called Bunder (short) and Prado (medium and long wheelbase). It was for people who choose not often in the area and who appreciate the convenience and comfort. The essential difference in the construction was based on the transmission system. Used here axles from Toyota Hilux and leaf springs were replaced with coil springs all round. And used to drive the weaker, smaller engines, because in assuming the car will not need huge torque suitable for driving in the area. Its production ended in 1996, when the market made its debut a new model Prado J90 series.


Other names for this model are: Land Cruiser Colorado (United Kingdom), Land Cruiser and Land Cruiser II Challenger.

In 2009 was presented toyota land cruiser 150 which went into production in both five-door and three-door, the J120 auto different new headlights and a different shape of the side windows in the trunk.

In 2013, the manufacturer introduced a refreshed version of the variant of Prado, who received a new, larger grille with vertical slats five that pass the new lamp in the shape of a bent drop.

In 2013, Toyota Land Cruiser underwent treatment refreshing. Changed the styling, especially the front part of the body, where it appeared to be quite new grill and headlights. The interior features a new instrument panel.