• Toyota Hiace

Toyota Hiace – car produced under the Japanese brand Toyota since 1967. Throughout the production performed in many body styles, m.in: pick-up, minivan, minibus or ambulance. Hiace name comes from the merger of English words and ace high, thus alludes also to the predecessor model Toyoace.

The first generation model was produced in October 1967. Van was available in three configurations (PH10V – van, PH10V-V – 6 beds and PH10V-CD – Deluxe), pick-up and in three variants (PH10 – truck, PH10-B – flat deck and PH10P – double cab). Body length with a wheelbase of 2300/2350 ranged from 4305 mm to 4350 mm. To drive the motors 3P R4 served with a capacity of 1,345cc and a maximum power of 65hp, 2R (1.5) and 12R (1.6). Van was characterized by a monocoque body and independent front suspension.

The second incarnation of the model was offered from February 1977. Version van appeared in versions: Standard Van, Van Deluxe and Deluxe Van Long. Pick-up was available in the following configurations: Low Floor Standard/Deluxe and High Floor Standard. To drive the motors used: R4 12R-J OHV with a capacity of 1587cc and 80hp, 18R-U (2.0) and 1.8 16R-J, from July 1979 was available as diesel Type-L 2.2.

From December 1982 was available third-generation van. Wheelbase was (depending on version) 2295/2495 mm, body length and 4425/4690 mm. To drive the van were used engines such as diesel unit Type-L OHC with a capacity of 2188cc and 72hp and petrol 2Y (1.8) and 3Y (2.0 OHV engine with 105hp). Pick-up version was available from August 1985, exterior styling based on the model Dyna 1984, became a then a completely separate model. With a wheelbase of 2300 mm equal to body length was 4465 mm. To drive the motors were used 2L (diesel 2.4 l, 83hp) and 1Y-J (1.6 petrol, 84 HP).

The fourth generation of the Hiace hit the market in August 1989. Completely changed the range of engines were now her unit: R4 2.0 1RZ-E and 1RZ, 2RZ-E 2.4 and 3.0 3L diesel (available with AWD). In May of 1992 introduced a model based on the Hiace Himedic 4th generation (ambulance with a V8 engine. Pick-up fourth generation debuted in May 1995, the link with Dyna models and ToyoAce was even stronger, all parts except the radiator grille were Common

Hiace beautiful… this generation is sold from August 2004.