• Toyota Harrier

Lexus RX – passenger sport utility vehicle produced by Lexus, Toyota Motor Corporation since 1998 as a luxury version of the Toyota Harrier produced since 1997. Since November 2008, produced the third generation of the vehicle.

Lexus RX and was produced in the years 1998-2003.

In 2000, the car undergoes a facelift and introduced them to European and Asian markets. Changed include vehicle rear lamps on the lamp Lexus look.

The standard vehicle was equipped with, among others, 7-speaker sound system from Pioneer. Optionally, you can equip your car with ESP and a better brand Nakamichi sound systems.

In 2001, the expanded list of optional equipment on the vehicle include satellite navigation system. In contrast, the ESP system was introduced to the standard equipment of each version of the vehicle.

Lexus RX II was produced in the years 2003-2008. Works on the car was launched in 1999 (the year after the debut of first generation).

The vehicle in 2005 was modernized. In 2006 the vehicle was amended standard on the V6 3.3 V6 3.5 (version 350). In 2007, the car undergoes a facelift. Remodeling of the front grille, fog lights changed, added chrome door handles.

In 2004 he introduced the production version of the assay 400h Hybrid. Version 400h is actually a version of the 330 V6 petrol engine with a capacity of 3.3 liters assisted by two electric motors driving the front and rear. Under normal operating conditions, the petrol engine was aided by one electric motor drives the front axle of the vehicle. The second unit of electric driving the rear wheels when the driver starts up wdusi gas pedal or in case of loss of traction of the vehicle. The system named by Lexus – Lexus Hybrid Drive generates extra power, which together 400h version gives you the power 272hp.

Lexus RX III is produced since 2008. The prototype vehicle was unveiled in 2007, the concept LF-Xh (Lexus Future-Crossover Hybrid)

With the third generation of the car vehicle first hit the Japanese market, which abandoned the Toyota Harrier.

In 2012, the car undergoes a facelift. The vehicle currently produced to resemble the other Lexus models. Changed include front of the vehicle which uses a characteristic of the new models of the brand radiator grille with headlights equipped with daytime running lights made in LED technology. The back light stylization.

Lexus RX hybrid version under the name 450h. The vehicle driven by a gasoline engine with a capacity of 3.5 liters is assisted by two or optionally three electric motors that generate a total power of 299hp petrol engine. In the version with three electric motors, the two engaged in a vehicle being driven front axle and one rear, which is incorporated in the case of loss of grip and at maximum acceleration.

Standard equipment for each vehicle version since 2008 includes heat recovery from the exhaust allowing faster engine warm up after rebooting the traction and water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation system that reduces pollutants in the exhaust system brand Mark Levinson audio, satellite navigation system with current information about the weather and traffic, HUD that is, the display on the glass, among others, vehicle speed.