• Toyota Dyna

Toyota Dyna – Utility car produced under the Japanese brand Toyota since 1957.

Foreshadowing Dyna model was introduced in May of 1956 years a small truck for RK52 assay. The vehicle was designed to transport two people and 1.5 tons of cargo to the drive motor R served a 1.5-liter 48hp of maximum. In October 1956 introduced a successor model of RK62, was characterized by a payload of 1.75 t engine boosted to 55hp.

In April 1958 version of the RK70 presented with a capacity of two tons, the engine power was increased to 58hp. In July of the same year presented an enlarged variant RK75. In April 1959 premiered seater version of the RK85, in June of the same year the name was changed from Route Truck on Dyna. In January 1962 she debuted the new Dyna RK160 with more powerful engine 3R 1.9.

The second generation of the model presented in April of 1963 years. Increased dimensions of the body, in addition to October 1963 introduced an extension of the version. Underlying source of power was the petrol engine 3R-B, but since March 1964 it was available new diesel engine J. In February 1969, she debuted the third generation model. Again, increased body dimensions, changed range of available motor units (diesel B), introduced in June 1969 version of capacity of 3 tons.

In August 1977 she landed the sale of the fourth generation of the model, identical to the then Daihatsu Delta. With the reduced wheelbase achieved the same as the previous generation of body length. Improved efficiency of the braking system, in versions with a capacity of 2.5 and 3 t engine retarder introduced. The production was completed in August 1984, and the fifth generation debuted in September. Changed the list of available engines, the May 1985 was added to the offer version Dyna 100/150 with a capacity of 1 tonne (akin to the third generation model Hiace).

The sixth generation model Dyna debuted in May 1995. In May 1999 he presented the seventh generation Dynes, twin structure was Hino Dutro.