• Toyota Cressida

Toyota Cressida – saloon car belongs to the upper class, produced by Toyota in the years 1973-1992. The resulting four generations of the model. These same structures, differing among themselves the various body parts were available in other countries under the names: Toyota Mark II, Toyota Chaser and Toyota Cresta. Name Cressida was withdrawn in 1993 (1992 in the U.S.).

The first generation model Cressida was available as a sedan (X30, X32) and station wagon (X36). Coupé version (X31) was available only in Japan. This car was sold in Japan under the name Toyota Mark II. Standard fittings include: air conditioning, automatic transmission and power steering. The car was well soundproofed, was considered one of the quietest cars on offer in the market at that time. In 1979 Suggested producer price in the U.S. was $ 9,190.

In England, the Cressida was available in both sedan and station wagon. Was offered only with a 2-liter, 4-cylinder petrol engine is available with only one trim level – De Luxe.

Cressida second generation, MX63, has been greatly modified compared to the previous generation.

This model was again assembled in New Zealand with a 2-liter, 4-cylinder gasoline engine and 5-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission.

In 1985 he introduced a new generation of the Cressida, coded MX73 (MX72 for wagon). 5M-GE engine was unchanged from 1984. The car was larger and more aerodynamic than previous generations. A new list of options include electronic control dampers (TEM), CD player, digital indicators, wood finish and an automatic transmission. In 1987 the automatic transmission was changed to the A340. In 1988, power was raised to 161hp.

In 1988, Toyota introduced the slightly larger, fourth generation model Cressida – MX83. It was the last car of the Cressida series in North America.

There is a new, more powerful 3.0 L engine 7M-GE. This engine developed maximum output of 190hp at 6000 rev/min. Like the previous generation, the technology was shared with the Toyota Supra.

The facilities were: power windows, central locking, cruise control, automatic transmission, ABS, electric sunroof, CD player and leather upholstery.

In 1991, the model has been slightly renovated. Modified grill, interior, redesigned alloy wheels.