• Toyota Corona EXiV

Toyota Corona Exiva – car C-segment produced under the Japanese brand Toyota from September 1989 to April 1998. Exiva name comes from the English phrase extra impressive. Characterized by a 4-door hardtop sedan body type.

The vehicle was introduced to the market due to the high popularity he gained first-generation Carina ED itself structurally based on the second generation model was replaced with the Corona Coupe. Mechanically the vehicle based on the Carina ED, which drew most of the solutions of the fifth-generation Celiki. Exiva different from Carina ED m.in: radiator grille, front and rear lights, equipment levels and other minor details. Available engines were 2.0 3S-GE (165hp), 2.0 3S-FE (125hp, from August 1990 140hp) and 1.8 4S-Fi (105hp) replaced in September 1990 by the 4S-FE (115hp). There was also a variant with 4-wheel steering system

The second generation model debuted in October 1993. Was based on a parallel version of the Carina ED. Slightly enlarged wheelbase and width of the body. To drive the motors serve 2.0 (140 and 180hp) and 1.8 (125hp). He has also performed with AWD variant. The production was completed in April 1998.