• Toyota Corolla/Sprinter

The Toyota Corolla is produced by the Japanese carmaker Toyota since 1966 compact car.

The Corolla is available in various successive generations

Corolla is the surname sellers in automotive history with more than 31 million cars produced Corolla.

In Europe, the Corolla sedan no longer exists in three volumes, the role of the two-volume compact hatchback is now vested in the Auris (and Japan, the luxury version, the Blade). In the rest of the world, the Corolla is still widespread, especially in the U.S. where it has been renewed for the last time in 2009, China, Australia and New Zealand (which was renamed Auris Corolla) and in Japan, where it remains a big sale the manufacturer. The current Corolla on the Japanese market was renewed in October 2006 (so it is the 10th generation). The adventure continues for since the 11th generation Corolla was launched in Japan in May 2012. She comes in sedan (Corolla Axio) or break (Corolla Fielder). In terms of Canada and the United States, its hatchback denominates Matrix.