• Toyota Carina ED

Toyota Carina ED – car C-segment produced under the Japanese brand Toyota from August 1985 to April 1998. It was a 4-door hardtop sedan sharing design solutions from the fourth generation Celiki and Corona Coupe. ED name was an acronym from the words exciting and dressy ("an exciting and stylish").

The first generation was characterized by a sporting body with a height of 1310 mm, which was the lowest in the time value for the mass-produced 4-door vehicles. With a wheelbase of 2,525 mm equal to body length was 4475 mm. To drive the motors were used such as: 1.8 1S-ILU (105hp), 1.8 1S-ELU (115hp), 2.0 3S-GELU (160hp) or 1.8 from May 1988 4S-Fi. Power was transferred to the front axle.

In September 1989 presented the second generation of the model. Exterior styling continued the trend started by his predecessor, twin design has become a model of Corona Exiva. Left wheelbase in comparison to the first generation of the same, body height increased to 1315 mm and a length of 4485 mm and a. To drive the motors were used, such that: 2.0 3S-GE (165hp), 2.0 3S-FE (125hp, from August 1990 140hp), 1.8 4S-Fi (105 KM) i 1.8 4S-FE (115 KM).

Third generation went into production in October 1993, shared design solutions with a new Celik and Corona Exiva. Increased body size, with a wheelbase of 2535 mm length reached 4500 mm, height 1325 mm was. To drive the used Toyota engines known Celiki, 2.0 (140 or 180hp) and 1.8 (115 or 125hp). From May 1994 was available AWD (only engine 3S-GE).