• Toyota BX

The SUV models GX6 and GX6-2 are sport utility vehicles of the Chinese car maker Gonow Auto. In Thailand, the model under the name Gonow BX is known. The production of GX6 began in 2005 after the company magnification. They are manufactured models of the hongkong Prado Motors Corporation, which manufactured the model as Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. The newer model GX6-2 followed in 2008 after a slight stylistic revision. The platform for both models bearing the internal designation 3B. Located both models are in the middle class and the upper middle class.

As a standard feature the Chinese GX6 and the GX6-2 air conditioning with pollen filter, electronically adjustable side window, SABS (only when STD), MABS, LCD screen with reversing camera, roof antenna and leather upholstery (only for Comfortable and Luxury). Optionally, there is also a sun roof of Webster and a driver’s airbag.

When entry-level model standard provides Gonow the house of the type gasoline engine with a displacement of 2,771 JX493ZQ3cc and an output of 67.6 kW. In Comfortable Gonow uses gasoline engines of the type GA491QE with EFI. This has a displacement of 2,237 cm ³ and provides an output of 75 kW. When top model Luxury However Gonow sets the 4G 94 with 1,999cc and an output of 89 kW one.

Agreed in 2006 Gonow car and the Italian car manufacturer DR Motor Company SpA a joint venture on production of the model in Europe, where the model will be produced as Katay Gonow Victory and mounted as Katay Gonow Victor in Germany.

Began in 2007 Gonow car with a stylistic revision of GX6 and created the GX6-2, which was presented in the summer of 2008, the world public. Due to the utilization of the Chinese plant in Taizhou, the manufacturer, a German company awarded the contract to assemble the new model, which is currently only offered in Germany, in the People’s Republic of China and a few other markets. Differences are only in individual Vehicle parts, since these countries have to different standards. Equipped is the Gonow GX6-2 with the 4G64 EFI from the home of the Japanese Mitsubishi Motors. This has a displacement of 2,351 cm ³ and has a power output of 92 kW. The maximum speed which is 175km/h Alternatively, the vehicle can be converted on LPG autogas. All-wheel drive is switched on. In Germany the GX6-2 is, however, sold under the name GX6. Wherein in the People’s Republic of China version offered, the engines of the ordinary GX6 used.

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