• Toyota bB

The Toyota bB is a small car produced by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota.

It replaces any model in the range and joins the other existing Toyota.

It is a small 5-door rival to the Nissan Cube first in the Japanese market.

Worship style, great success in his country, bB has, since 2004, been proposed in the United States under the name Scion xB.

The second generation bB was launched in January 2006 in Japan. His career was in fact far less brilliant than its predecessor. It will, however, a career under several labels: it is also sold as the Daihatsu Coo and becomes Daihatsu Materia in Europe. Since October 2008, she was also aired in Japan under the name Subaru Dex. However, it disappears from the American Scion range.

This is the manufacturer Daihatsu, owned 51.19% by Toyota, which produces bB Materia Coo and Dex.