• Toyota Alphard

The Toyota Alphard is a large MPV produced by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota studied mainly for the Japanese market.

However, he meets a huge success on the small Hong Kong market and crosses in some Southeast Asian countries.

The first generation of Alphard is launched in May 2002 in Japan.

This large SUV then follows the Grand Hiace and Granvia.

The range consists of a 4-cylinder 2.4 liter V6 3 liter, both petrol and a hybrid version, the 4-cylinder petrol 131hp mates with an electrical block 24 c.

Shouldering the Estima minivan, the Alphard massive style sliding rear doors and immediately found success.

Between 2003 and 2005, sales in Japan each year will exceed 80,000, allowing the Alphard to maintain in 2004 and 2005, 14 Market Square. Although declining sensitive from 2006, sales will remain at a good level until the renewal of the range in early 2008.

The Alphard is renewed in May 2008. Its range is then divided into two versions since the Alphard is supported by the vellfire, slightly different in appearance but sharing its entire technique.

The style of this second generation Alphard remains in the mind of the massif and which made its success, the first version. But with more softness in the corners. Motor side, the 2.4-liter 4-cylinder is increased from 159 to 170hp, while the 3-liter V6 and 3.5-liter goes from 220 to 280hp. The hybrid version, which accounted for just over 10% of sales, has not been renewed. Progress in transmission Also, since the V6 leaves his 5-speed automatic 6-speed for a while the 4-cylinder, previously with an automatic only 4 reports equips a drive CVT transmission very popular in Japan.

Sales of Alphard "2" may seem disappointing. While the first generation regularly exceeded 80,000 units annually in Japan, the second version has fallen below 30,000 in 2009 to 35,700 up modestly in 2010, but it must actually add impressive scores vellfire to better assess the success of this coveted Japan model: figures then spend a total of 79 000 2009 (round two crise au Japan) 96 600 en 2010 et atteignent.

Toyota Vellfire