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Count Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta was born in Como 18 February 1745 and died in Como 5 March 1827, is an Italian physicist. He is known for his work on electricity and the invention of the first electric battery called voltaic pile.

From 1780 to 1783 he visited France, Germany, the Netherlands and England and works with Antoine Lavoisier and Pierre-Simon Laplace in a study of atmospheric electricity.

The discovery of animal electricity (by Luigi Galvani) leads Volta in 1792 to study the conditions of excitation of the muscles of a frog. He rejects the theory of Galvani which favors the presence of animal tissue and emphasizes the need for a closed circuit consisting of metals.

Napoleon Bonaparte, who attends this meeting, awarded him a gold medal, granted him a pension and appointed Count of the Kingdom and Senator of the Kingdom of Italy.

En 1819, dans sa ville natale Volta is removed from your ILS COME meurt on 5 March 1827.

Several researchers have studied the phenomenon of the voltaic pile and tried to improve it. Some have discovered illumination arc showing that electricity causes a kind of flash. They demonstrated the phenomenon by connecting the two terminals of the battery to a piece of coal.

On 2 May 1800, deux chimistes britanniques, William Nicholson (1753 – 1815) and Sir Anthony Carlisle (1768-1840) the first réalisent électrolyse (celle de l’EAU) online using the stack of Volta Comme generator, permitting well pinpoint d’ Both Constituent de l’EAU, oxygène et hydrogène. RETURNS discovery à toutes sortes d’ouvre of spans électrolyses dont celle de l’aluminium et du brassy.

The first consisted of several batteries together voltaic cells.

A major shortcoming of the voltaic pile was his leaking; brine in which were plunged the cardboard pieces flowed from the battery. This issue is now resolved as a brine consisting of more gel is replaced. In 1820, Hans Christian Oersted discovered that electrical phenomena were closely related to magnetic phenomena. He noticed that the compass needle, changing direction when the moving around a wire connected to Volta’s battery; depending on its position, the compass does not indicate the same direction.

In 1836, John Daniell devised the first impolarisable battery.

Alessandro Volta became a member of the Royal Society on May 5, 1791 This. Awarded him the Copley Medal in 1794.

Napoleon awarded him the title of Count of the Kingdom in 1810; in 1815, the Emperor of Austria appointed him professor of philosophy at Padua.

Volta is buried in the city of Como, Italy; Volta Temple, near Lake Como is dedicated to his work; instruments and original papers are presented. The building appeared, and his portrait of the Italian currency before the introduction of the euro.

In 1881, the unit of electrical voltage, the volt, is named in his honor.

The automaker Toyota has given the name of Alessandro Volta concept car presented in 2004 at the Motor Show in Geneva.

Quarterly: I, the district counts Senators of the Kingdom of Italy; II at Azure, a silver swan surmounted by a vaulted arch of the same; the III Gules, a voltaic pile and condesateur money; the IV Vert two bars of silver.,,