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The attack on the presidential palace in Kabul – Taliban attack performed on government buildings, including the presidential palace in Kabul, which took place on 25 June 2013 during the war in Afghanistan.

Taliban attack in Kabul, which surprised the security services, there has been exactly one week after the takeover of the Afghan security forces responsible for the whole country from the forces of International Security Assistance Force. Assassination in Kabul also dismissed the vision of the negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan government. Negotiations have been possible, after the Taliban have opened an office in the Qatari capital Doha. However, the start of talks postponed due controversy associated with displaying the flag and an array that would suggest that it is the facility immigration authorities of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. These symbols were removed June 24, 2013, but a day later there was a storm in Kabul.

The attack took place June 25, 2013 at. 6.30 am local time (hr 4 Polish time). At one of the gates of the presidential palace rode armored Toyota Landcrusier from which came the men, trying using fake IDs to get into the presidential palace. When the guards prevented them to the palace, the car came another man who began shooting. At the same time the air flew armored Toyota. Then there was seven or eight explosions, and then for at least 45 minutes heard there was an exchange of fire with small arms. At the same time, successive assailants began to attack the Ariana Hotel, which houses the headquarters of the CIA in Afghanistan. The guards killed all 14 attackers. Also three guards were killed and one was wounded.

The attack began at a time when the palace gathered journalists at a press conference announced President Hamid Karzai. It is not known whether he was then in the palace.