• Toyota AA

World, The company is based in both Nagoya and Toyota Aichi province, and Tokyo.

Financial through its Toyota Financial Services (in English: Toyota Financial Services). It is also industry activities robot (the robot).

I need additional capital so hired his friend, "Kodama Ashizo" who was working as a manager at a factory Mitsui, which has provided him the necessary funding.

Industry Promotion Japanese.

To war with China.

The separation between the work of the Father and the Son.


After the war ended, and specifically in the year 1947, began producing passenger cars style SA, which was the beginning of a series of cars, defined category S.

Leader in the category of SUV 4 × 4 in terms of performance and efficiency, and is considered as a great success that Kiichiro Toyoda to, the founder of Toyota, who died in 1952, for 57 years.

This period has been the production of the car after the tenth million.

And Daihatsu, and in the following year, he began producing fashioned historical "Corolla", who later achieved several records in sales and began to be exported to most countries of the world.

A new generation of sports car inspired by the model 2000 GT models such as the Celica, Supra and MR2.


Seiichi Kato.

The Sadazhu Yamamoto Kato succession in the presidency of the company.

Executive Chwichirō Toyoda.

China. In the year 2003, was established factories for Toyota each of the states of Alabama and Texas Americas.

Toyota containing isotopes similar to the Lexus luxury models, and were intended for sale in Japan, but the production stopped with the entry of Lexus models for the Japanese market in 2005.

Ended in the month of March 2010, and reached U.S. $ 1.93 billion (180 billion yen).

America in the seventies.

1. Glance Mbaadih thinking as a basis for decision-making.

2. Process in the way of solving problems.

3. Upgrading the organization to rehabilitate and develop its people.

4. Recognize that the continuation of the solution of problems of its roots organization pays to learn.

8. Use the technique accurately tested and reliable, and which serve only Onask and your business.

9. Preparation of leaders who understand the work entirely and philosophy lived and taught her to others.

10. The development of discerning the difference and who followed the company policy strictly.

11. Respected network of funders and partners Bthdém and help them develop.

12. Go and see for yourself so that you understand the situation completely (Jinxi Jeenbotso).

13. Carefully and make decisions by consensus, and when taking into account all the options made your decision quickly.

14. Harsh reaction and the continuing evolution makes educational organization.

Toyota’s main headquarters is located in each of Nagoya, Toyota, both of Aichi province, and Tokyo, Japan. The branch Toyota Financial Services dealing and trading in other aspects of the business.

Large market in the United States, but a small share in Europe, and also sells in Africa and the Middle East, a market leader in Australia, also owns the good parts of the Southeast Asian markets due to branch Daihatsu.

To raise the amount of the production of other cars to meet the requirements.

Japan for 11 days between February and March.

Czech Republic, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Venezuela, the Philippines, and Russia.

Corolla and its economy strong in fuel consumption, and continues to occupy the Hiace model for first place in the category of sales of minivans, which are used as a means of public transport in the tourism and Khafelh schools.

Toyota models as they established a branch Scion in 2002 dedicated to the youth. It also Toyota models customized for the U.S. market to meet the requirements of such models Tacoma, Tundra, and Sequoia.

Flourish in Russia in recent times after the opening of its plant in that country.

Compiled in 1963, and then to the rest of the countries, such as Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and others.

Launched on this technique named "Hybrid Synergy Drive" (in English: Hybrid Synergy Drive), and called in the Lexus "Lexus Hybrid Drive (in English: Lexus Hybrid Drive), and each of them your motto.

Toyota’s choice to be either a hybrid or a small family or four-wheel drive.

Lexus has also produced a line of hybrid cars, represented in models GS450h and RX400h and LS600h and LS600h L.

And the power of the engine, which increased its strength by about 1.5 times, increasing the power supply voltage to achieve better progress in the control system, with the aim of synergy between engine power and electric motor power Abannzena.

Who works for the model of hydrogen "FCHV" in the United States and Japan.

Under the name The Prius Plug-in Hybrid, 2010. is expected to have the effect of this technique is less harmful to the environment than Tatertguenih hybrid.

Since the Commission has established recycling in October of 1990, I took Toyota is actively working to make the design of vehicles manufactured and easily re-examining the life cycle of the vehicle from the development stage to disposal.

And recycling bumpers that have been replaced. Research has been the development of techniques for disassembly and re-use shredder residue (the phase-out of the car).

Are compiled reports on the activities during the recycling of various sections of the branches provided for development and thus supports Toyota optimal use of precious materials.

Toyota strives to preserve the environment and especially with the progress and development of the world and the attention and focus on this type of biotechnology and for the following reasons:

And development in the field of agricultural biotechnology. It is also investing in several small businesses and provide technologies to participate in several projects in several countries, including Indonesia, Australia, and Japan.

Euro NCAP and won several models good results. The Toyota has made since the nineties to provide its models Posadat airbags protect passengers during the incident.

Control technologies used cars and for the purposes of assisting the elderly in the industry and leisure. were the initial targets in the development of robotics are:

Modern models.

The branch of the industry, where Hino produces several models of large and small buses allocated to different targets. There are also several Toyota models such as the model for the bus Coaster model small "Hayes".

To 100 people to be the first aircraft designed and produced in Japan for decades.

In car engines to support the economy, fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions. Toyota is trying to make their way and establish its existence in this area.


The branch of Toyota Financial Services to provide services in this area.

(1300 cm 3-1600 cm 3).

Europe). Toyota’s first win was in 1975 at the Rally Finland when he won the "Hannu Mikola" and his assistant "Atsu Aho" Corolla car. He then moved to the team after the new base in West Germany.

The Corolla (World Rally Championship). in 1990 achieved a season Carlos Sainz to win the first championship in his car for Toyota Celica GT Four Toyota and returned the ball again two years later.

In 1994 the same successes Bsaúgaha French Didier Auriol.

Rally Bertania lagged behind Toyota and six points for the manufacturers title that year.

Palmsqubl to enter the competition.

Brandl, Thierry Bautzen, and Okio Katayama.

However, keeping the car remained with a record number of cycle track Sarthy until the year 2006.

For cars, and Bernie Ecclestone at the launch, especially because they did not attend any of the releases of the other teams. After intensive efforts and tests on her car TF101, the team decided to start in the 2002 season.

To second in the order Almusngan several times during the season and finished the season fourth in the list in the order manufacturers with 88 points.

Withdrawal from Formula on November 4, 2009, to suffering heavy losses due to the global economic crisis.

A series of competitions Judy rush

A series of competitions for the NASCAR craftsmen truck

Travis Kapil achieved the first victory for Toyota in this category in 2004 at Michigan International Speedway in his car model Tundra, Todd Bodine became the first to win the first title for Toyota in this category in 2004.

Quiz Series NASCAR racing fast

For the championship title three times. The Kyle Bush to the first victory for Toyota in this category on the Atlanta track in March 2008.

NASCAR national series of competitions

By Jason Leffler, driver of the Camry, achieving the first victory for Toyota in this category O’Reilly on track in 2007.

Toyota won several medals and awards, including the:

It models-winning 5-star also Prius in 2004, Yaris in 2005, Urs in 2006, and Corolla in 2007.

Toyota has achieved several records throughout her career, including:














Camry Solara





4 Warner


FJ Cruiser

Land Cruiser







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