• Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki Wagon R (European Wagon R +) – kei car-type car launched in 1993 by the Japanese company Suzuki.

Model Wagon R is designed for recreational use. It is one of the first cars designed in the style of "tall wagon" or high body, short cover and nearly vertical sidewalls and rear; all this is to get maximum space inside the vehicle while keeping the external dimensions of the body consistent with class cars "kei car". The height of the first generation Wagon R model are 1640 mm, or 255 mm more (170 mm inside) than in a car JDM Suzuki Alto sold at the same time (Alto is just as wide and long as the Wagon R).

Version of the Wagon R Wide introduced in 1997, has a slightly larger dimensions, which already exceed the standard class "kei car", in this model using larger engines with a capacity of 1.0 L and 1.3 L. This model was sold under the name "Wagon R" on the market Europe. The only similar car sold in Europe at this time was Daihatsu Move.

In 1998 he was introduced to the Japanese market a second generation model Wagon R, the successor to the version of the Wagon R Wide in 1999, is a variant of the Wagon R + – goes on the European market in 2000. Opened is also production in the Hungarian city of Esztergom and the Indian Gurgaonie. Suzuki Wagon R + has its twin, the Opel Agile also introduced to the market in summer 2000.

Start of production of the third generation Wagon R model occurred in September 2003 in Japan. This generation went through face lift in September 2005.

The first generation

The second generation

Third generation

Fourth, the current generation

European Suzuki Wagon R + I

European Suzuki Wagon R + II